Surrender It All Or Walk Away


1 Corinthians 10:21

“You cannot drink the Lord’s cup and the demons’ cup. You cannot partake of the Lord’s table and the demons’ table.”


The Texas shooting has upset us all. Nearly a whole congregation of believers was lost. Believers. These were people who loved being in the presence of God in His house.


I prayed about this and this morning God begin to talk to me about the importance of God’s people being equally yoked.


We heard today that this man, who was married to a woman who is a Christian, went into that church because he thought her mother, his mother-in-law would be there. His mother in law was not there at that service, but her mother was. His wife’s grandmother was shot and killed by a man she was married to.


I am not going to blame anyone. This is not the time for that. I do want you to know that when we go outside of our beliefs and partner with someone who is not a believer we are in the midst of Satan’s’ territory. When you are in enemy territory do not be surprised when you are attacked.


Yes, I know that life is hard and it gets lonely. But we cannot have it both ways. We either live for the Lord, or we live for Satan. Our home is not this world and as Billy Graham once said, “We are just passing through.”


We in the church have let ourselves be bullied into keeping our mouths shut. We do it with our own children. We want them to be happy and we love them and so we try to justify the things they do that are outside of the will of God. We think that if we are too hard on them we will lose their presence in our lives and we don’t want that to happen.


The church, as a whole, has compromised with sin. When was the last time you heard a sermon about hell? You haven’t. Instead we give feel good sermons, that people like hearing. We end up being motivational speakers. God forbid anyone should leave church under conviction of sin. Pastors have expenses. Bills don’t get paid unless you have a full congregation.


Yes, we have to love people. We have to love them unconditionally, but we need to make sure to let them know what the Word says. If we fail to do so then their blood is going to be on our hands on judgment day.


We have brought sin into the church and we have sat down and had dinner with it. Satan has been clever, and he has played on our heartstrings to the point we don’t let people know of consequences of sin. We don’t let people know that God wants us to be equally yoked.


2 Corinthians 6:14 says, “Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness?”


We have forgotten that bad company ruins good morals. We have a generation of young people who have never heard about God in their homes and have learned that it’s all about them and it’s all about how they feel in the moment. Some Christian’s homes have compromised the gospel and I see a lot of people who do not know right from wrong. They are confused and living confused lives.


We cannot pick and choose. Christianity is not a cafeteria. We can’t have a little of this and a little of that mixed in and then cry when we have consequences that are not pleasant.


I am not being judgmental. Just speaking what I feel is from God. I am sure during the time I was backslidden my own children were confused. When I completely surrendered to God I was pushed out of a couple of my grown children’s lives. They didn’t want to hear about God, and they sure thought I was no fun anymore when I wasn’t partying with them. I live with that, and it hurts just as you can imagine it does. The only thing that keeps me going is that I know, that I know, I can no longer live a compromised Christianity, no matter what it costs me.


Its time to either commit or walk away folks, because what we are seeing is a world of people who do not have a moral one and who kill, murder, and maim because they feel like it.


In His Unconditional love,

Cathie Miller


Facing The Truth With Joy


And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32

Making peace with the truth can change your life. There is a truth in each life and often it stays right below the surface because sometimes it hurts too much to face it.

What is the truth that you are denying today? I want you to know that whatever that truth is, until you face it and walk forward nothing is going to change.

I do not care how ugly the past was, or what was done to you or even what you did to hurt others, until you let go of it and shut the door to it the past will effect your life and make everyday miserable.

You cannot do one thing about the past. The more you dwell on it, and then discuss it with others, the more power it has over you.

At a point in my life I decided I was sick of playing the victim. Really sick of it!

As much as you or I may be justified in feeling sorry for ourselves we can never be healthy and whole until we face what happened and then decide that we are not going to let that action determine the rest of our lives.

At the crossroads you must make a choice. The wonderful thing about God is that He gives us all free will. Take your salvation for instance. God is all powerful and He could have made the world so that EVERYONE would accept Him and the eternal life He gives. The reason God doesn’t do that is because He wants us to love Him because we do, and not because we are forced to do so.

Running after people, or a person, who doesn’t want you in their life is so unhealthy. A lot of us did that in the past, and once we got healthy we could not believe the foolish things we did to get someone into our lives that didn’t want to be there.

We realize, as God brings us into a new teaching, that God has the perfect plan for our lives and that anything or anyone who isn’t going to be part of that perfect plan will not stay around no matter what we do or do not do.

Don’t grieve for those who do not grieve for you. Close the door and wait expectantly for God to open the right door to the perfect plan He has for you.

Accepting the fact that you and I cannot change anything is the first step. Now, after that step, you have two choices. The first is to wallow in self-pity and cry the blues to anyone that will listen. The second choice is to accept what is and then walk, one day at a time and one step at a time, into a glorious new life with God at the helm of our ship and not me or you.

We cannot change what has been done to us but we can change our attitude about it. Read that again. We cannot change what has been done to us but we can change our attitude about it.

Stop grieving over what was and make the very best of what is.

We spend too much time saying and thinking, “After such and such happens then I will be happy.” We can be happy in each and every minute because we can choose to be happy!

If you spend too much time in your head it will literally drive you crazy. Satan loves that. Because as long as you buy into those thoughts of self-pity you will never lose your victim mentality.

I was at a group where a person was crying the blues over the fact that they are all alone this Christmas. I wanted to say, “You are not the only one, and there are many people the world over in your same predicament.”

It is only one day. This too will pass. Spend the day alone with God. God see’s your broken heart and He has a plan to heal your broken heart. First you have to give up the idea that there is only one way you will be happy and if that doesn’t happen you are going to be miserable. It’s at this point where we learn total surrender to the will of God. If we can lift our head and say, “I don’t understand this God but I am your child and you love me and only want the very best for me. I surrender to things I do not understand,” We will feel our spirits getting lighter each and every day.

The peace and calm that comes in total surrender to “whatever is” is unbelievable. The pressure is off yourself; you then let Him carry your burdens.

You do not know what tomorrow is going to bring. In the blink of an eye all things could change.

I have been hearing on our local news that a person “Out there somewhere,” is holding a million dollar lottery ticket. No one has come forth to claim it. I was thinking about that today and wondering “what if?” What if that person was completely down and out, believing there was no hope and no way out of their present situation and “what if” they had killed themselves? If they had just held on a week or so longer all those problems would be over!

Satan wants us to give up and believe there is no hope but FAITH in God teaches us that if we just hold on a bit longer, everything will be okay.

If you are depressed today, or any day for that matter, learn what your triggers are and make a conscious decision to stay away from them. Triggers can be alcohol, certain people, certain music, certain movies, or getting out all our old pictures. Stay away from anything that makes you sad. Why go there if you don’t have to?

Ask yourself what you are getting out of feeling sorry for yourself? Do you subconsciously enjoy the attention of people saying, “You poor little thing?”

No gifts? Remember that God sent His best gift to us in the way of His son. He sent His love right down where we are.

Get a notebook out or sit in front of your computer and make a list of ten things you would like to change about yourself. Then make a plan to bring those things into your reality. The only thing stopping us is ourselves. Once we make up our minds to change, and enlist God’s help in doing so, we are unstoppable. Nothing is beyond our grasp.

The world is full of people whose parents were told they would never talk, or never walk and yet those people did both of those things!

It’s all about choices. Choose to believe in miracles and before you know it you will see them spring forth in your own life.

Merry Christmas!

In His Unconditional Love,