Controllng Your Anger


When we respond to things we do not like, or things that trigger us, with anger, bitterness and rebellion our lives are out of control. I am not talking about an occasional time of losing our temper, because we all do that. I am talking about a life that includes uncontrollable behavior on a daily basis.


First we have to be willing to change, and then we have to ask God to help us. If we could change on our own we would do it. We need the supernatural power of God to help us overcome our triggers.


In the gospel of Mark we see the power of Jesus displayed over and over again.


Jesus raised the dead, gave sight to the blind, restored deformed limbs, made lame people walk, cast out demons, healed incurable skin diseases, and quieted storms.


Jesus is a powerful savior and He is able to do the impossible when we ask Him to do so. Jesus came to help us. We know that because of His painful death on the cross of Calvary, which he endured so that He could free us from our bondages to sin and give us eternal life.


The problem we have is that we like to appear to be strong and handle things ourselves. We usually don’t go to Jesus for help until we have exhausted all others means of help.


He is much more powerful then any of our dependencies, problems and weaknesses. He has the power to help us with any problem we have that seems impossible. All we have to do is look to Him and say, “HELP!”


We ask for His help, in the name of Jesus. The powerful name of Jesus is miraculous. I cannot tell you the times I call on that name when things are seemingly too hard for me to bear. Truthfully, He has never let me down. When I come to Him He wipes my tears and gives me strength to get through any circumstance.


Come to Him today, Beloved. Decide not to spend another day responding to things the way you always have responded to things. If your method worked you would be free of anger, bitterness and a bad temper. He is waiting for you to ask for His help!


In His Unconditional Love,




The Heartbreak Of Family Estrangement


Some of you will understand this, others will not, but I am going to say it anyway.

I was thinking today about the wonderful, fun get-togethers my family once had. Simple fun, laughter and good food. Then certain people marry into a family and they seem to be jealous of that closeness and they set out to spread lies and tear a family apart.

When we marry into families we need to NOT be jealous of our spouses other family members. It’s ridiculous to act like that. One day you will look back on that and realize how much time you wasted like that. Time you can never get back. 

Jealousy and fighting are straight from the pits of hell. Do not be jealous of the relationship your spouse has with their parents or brothers and sisters. They are not going to leave you because of those relationships. Your spouse will love you much more for loving their family. On the other hand when you divide your spouse from their family they will hold resentment against you. They may not say anything but they will resent you for coming against those they love and expecting them to choose between you or them.

I know sometimes things are said and done by family members that we don’t like. We have to let those things slide off our backs. Surely God has given us enough Grace that we can overlook these things for a few days of a visit once a year. It’s called respect.

Spend time together, forget your grudges! 

In His Unconditional Love,


It Hurts But I Am Closer To Acceptance


Can we talk? At first I wasn’t going to publish this. It shows my feelings are raw. I am usually the encouragement person. But then I prayed and felt led to share it anyway. We all are trying to be perfect. We know we don’t have to be, but we try. But the truth is we are human, in suits of flesh. We need each other. So I am publishing this. We are all pilgrims in this place longing for our home in heaven where God will wipe away each tear. So I am sharing this as I feel impressed by God that many can relate!


It hurts But I Am Closer To Acceptance

We are too hard on ourselves. When we have bad relationships with people we should either ignore it or change it. If it’s someone that is constantly uncaring, hurtful and rude it might be best to leave those people alone as much as possible. But what if it’s family? Someone you have to spend certain times with because of your spouse? It’s best to get along, in those situations, because of keeping family peace.

I have always been a “why” person. It’s who I am. I like a challenge. Because of that I will analyze a situation and make it better if I see area’s in which I might need to change.

So I looked at a certain situation and recognized area’s I needed to grow and change in. I prayed about it and I changed. I was sick of being a couple of folks emotional scapegoat. Everything I did was wrong, I was conspiring constantly to make their life miserable, according to them. I could say so much more but some of you will understand. 

I changed, I quit getting involved with anything that was none of my business. I was kind and I was understanding and went out of my way to please them.

And you know what? Nothing changed. Nothing changed because these people had made me the wicked witch of the Southwest and they were used to me being the excuse for a bad relationship with another family member. They thought “we win,” and we aren’t going to change.”

Lesson learned. Sometimes we need to change our behavior around certain people. When, with the help of God, we do change and we are still ignored, used and emotionally abused it’s time to realize it is what it is and again set boundaries.

I am thankful for God’s Unconditional Love that continues to remind me that I too am loved.

 My life is pretty hard. Because of my husband’s physical condition I have to take care of him and everything else by myself. He was in the hospital for 3 months and had seven operations. We lost everything we had because of our medical bills, even with insurance. It’s a challenge to put food on the table and vacations, buying gifts, well we just don’t have the money. We drive a sixteen year old car. We moved from our first rental here into a lease-to-own. We were thrilled thinking we would never have to move again. Then, the landlord decided he didn’t want to do a  lease to own, he wanted the money immediately and we didn’t have it. So we had to move and we had to borrow money from two different loan companies, my daughter and two sweet friends to do it. I pray daily for a way to buy a home. I am working hard to repair our credit scores to do so. In the meantime I thank God to just have a roof over my head. I want to move closer to friends and  some family in the Rio Rancho NM area, but I am stuck. These are folks who would be there the minute I called. So I trust God. When the time comes He will open doors for us.

Looking at a picture recently, of me at 20, I would never have imagined this would be my life in old age. It is what it is.

God gets us through each day with miracles only Chuck and I are aware of them. I build others up in faith because it also builds me up. I love Daddy God because he has said “I am with you always, never will I leave you or forsake you.”

If you think that any of us could get through our problems alone, without the faithfulness of God you are wrong. I am so blessed to be his daughter. But I have been too hard on myself at times. I don’t always need to repair all the cracks in my pot, so that those in my family might treat me better, those cracks are where HIS light shines through. Amen? I know so many of my readers can relate. Satan and those he uses tried to break us…

It didn’t work! Ha ha devil!

In His Unconditional Love,

Cathie Miller



A Word From God 5/9/18


“You know the truth  but you are in denial. As you decide to close a door I will suddenly open another one in front of you. The truth is there, face it and go forward with your life. You are embarrassed to have made a mistake. In the future you must come to me in prayer when you need to make a decision that will greatly affect your life. Do not be embarrassed. You would be surprised at the number of people who have seen these things too but are currently keeping their mouths closed about it.”

Jeremiah 29:11-13 New International Version

11 For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 12 Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. 13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

Your Answer Is On It’s Way!


For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
 neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD. Isaiah 55:8


When your answer to your prayers comes it may come quickly and in a different way then you had ever imagined. You must accept that and not resist it, even though it didn’t come in the way you imagined it would.


A woman I know had a job for fifteen years that she absolutely hated. Nevertheless, she was making a nice amount of money and felt like she was stuck. She prayed and prayed for God to open the door to a new opportunity that paid her as well, if not more then she was making at her current position.


One day, because of the company having to cut back, she lost her job through being laid off. She called me, devastated and in tears. Immediately I said to her, “But you have been praying for over a year to get another job. Maybe this is God’s way of getting you to finally look for something else.” Believe it or not, even in this economy, she found another job within three weeks of being laid off and this new job will pay her much more then what she was making at the old one.


We all have ways that we think God is going to perform our miracle. We get our minds fixed on God doing something one way and one way only. A lot of times we don’t move forward because of fear of the unknown. God is aware of that, and knows that He needs to create circumstances to move us forward, or we will stay stuck in a situation that is less then perfect for a long time.


I had prayed for a way to get away from my abusive ex-husband for years. He was physically, emotionally and verbally abusive to me. Because I am an orphan and an only child there was actually no “human” help for me, in getting my own place and getting away from him. I lived with him as a roommate for a long time, and seeing his constant “running around” with women, and his total disregard for my feelings caused a great deal of emotional turmoil in my life. I was, however, stuck. I prayed and prayed for a financial miracle.


I have talked before about the day his married mistress showed up at my door, that was a very painful situation, but it allowed me to move out of the home when she convinced my ex husband to give me a check to do so. Overnight, I was free and had a way out of the situation. It didn’t happen like I thought or hoped it would, it was painful, but God moved me out.


Some of you are probably one hour, one day, one month away from your miracle, but when it happens it may not be in the way you expected it. God will move though, and when He does it may be in a totally different way then you wanted it to be. I tell you this, except your freedom, from the bondage of your problem, with thanksgiving, as God’s ways are perfect.


When you start praying for your miracle, things may temporarily seem to get worse. Things may get stirred up a bit. Before the children of Israel were released from their bondage they went through a total of nine plaques. During this time Moses was asking Pharaoh for their release. Pharaoh tried to compromise with Moses. He said he would allow the children of Israel to go out into the wilderness to sacrifice to their God, but they must return to Egypt. Moses refused to compromise. Finally, the Israelites gained their freedom from Egypt and left for the Promised Land, without having to compromise.


If we accept compromise we will remain in bondage to our situations. Like Moses we may have to say “no” to compromising many times. When we refuse to settle for compromising, then complete freedom comes.


Often, I think, we are like the Hebrews who did not appreciate Moses when he tried to rescue them. I often give guidance to a person, through the discernment of the Lord, that they refuse to accept. People want their answers, “their way.” Sometimes people are not willing to make the effort to gain freedom from bondage. I totally understand that. I can assure you, as in my own case, God will change your situation overnight, when He wants it changed.


There are always ways out of our difficulties and if we refuse to take a different route in our stubbornness, God will still deliver us. If it at first seems fearful don’t despair of your situation. Think back about your prayers. God doesn’t forget them; even if at times He seems a bit slow to us in these suits of flesh. What we may perceive to be a problem, at first, just may be God’s answer in a different way then we expected it!


Father, You always answer our prayers. You show us ways out our “messes”, and even if we rebel, You still answer our prayers in Your own timing and Your own way. Help us today to accept that, and look for the good that is often hidden in bad situations. In Your Name, the Name above all names we pray. Amen and Amen,

A Word From God 05/06/2018

“I hear your prayers for your loved one. I know you are getting weary waiting for a change to be seen or heard regarding this situation.

I have a very specific timetable. There are things that need to occur before you see a positive solution.

I never act in haste, when I arrange a change it is a permanent one.

Total surrender only occurs when every other avenue of resistance to it has been closed.

Why would I give my children half a miracle? I will not allow anything or anyone to come to you that would hurt you again. So be still and be patient. When your prayer is answered, in this regard, it will be answered PERFECTLY.”

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.” Isaiah 55:8

Another Word From God For You 05/05/18


“Awake from the deep sleep you are in. Look around you and listen to the sounds of silence. Do not be so easily taken in by things that people say. Words are just words until I breathe my Holy Spirit upon them.


Not every word you hear is a “God Word,” even though “So Called” Christians from Mega Ministries give it to you! The truth is not in them; I have not called them. They are drunk on the gold gleaned from the bank accounts of my people. They are not a bit different then the bankers on Wall Street, with their million dollar houses, and their BMW’s. They don’t get it yet. I have turned my back on them, and my favor is now with the unknown ministers to my people. Many of whom go hungry each day themselves.


Pray for discernment to separate the wheat from the tares, in these last, last days. Be willing to walk away from dead congregations. The time is too short to go over the same old things, over and over. Now is the time to minister to the hurting.


The patients are dying and screaming out in pain. They need a living WORD transfusion.”


“Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter. Matthew 7:21

Coffee With Cathie 5/04/2018


Coffee With Cathie 5/4/2018

What a beautiful sunny morning we woke up to! 

Lately God has been sending very mature Christian friends my way online. I am thrilled about that and praise God for them. In prayer this morning I asked God about it. His answer seemed to be that as demonic activity increases we will be needing to stick together in greater ways then ever! We need to continue to back each other up in prayer as those on the front lines are being buffeted by demonic activity more then we ever have been. 

There seems to be no basic manners anymore. There is no restraint. People say what ever comes into their minds and then act surprised when others are upset with them. In most things God has told me to watch my mouth and stay silent. It isn’t worth engaging with these people. We have read the book and know who wins in the end.

John 15:19 

If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.

John 18:36 

Jesus answered, “My kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were of this world, my servants would have been fighting, that I might not be delivered over to the Jews. But my kingdom is not from the world.”

Enjoy your coffee today with the calm assurance that He is still on the throne and His will WILL be done!

PS. God has shown me that things will be revealed this month. People that have been hiding bad motives will be exposed and the truth will come out. Be prepared to be shocked!

Finances are turning around. God is promoting people into greater areas of responsibility. Those who have been sitting in the shadows will now be seen by many in a greater arena of influence. 

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Have a blessed day,


Coffee With Cathie


Matthew 10:22

You will be hated by everyone on account of My name, but the one who perseveres to the end will be saved.

Matthew 24:12

Because of the multiplication of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold.

Revelation 17:14

They will make war against the Lamb, and the Lamb will triumph over them, because He is Lord of lords and King of kings; and He will be accompanied by His called and chosen and faithful ones.”

In the past two days I have prayed and inquired of the Lord the direction He wants to take my ministry.

God impressed me with going back to the first format He gave me in the beginning of my online ministry in 2001, just prior to 9/11/2001. I was called at that time to help restore and continuously build up Christian’s who are finding it hard to stand. The scriptures above are a few of the scriptures of confirmation God gave me recently about the battering of Christians in the last days.

God called us to be fishers of men. Satan, knowing his time is short, has put a time of severe testing on the people of God. When your whole world is falling apart, when Satan attacks your mind, finances, health and children it’s hard to find the strength to help and build up others in faith. Of course, that’s why he does it.

It’s time to stick together, brothers and sisters, there is strength in numbers. We must put others before ourselves and help them to stand strong. The body of believers should    work together to meet the physical and emotional needs of others. 

It concerns me that I am seeing people get saved one day and the next day they set up online ministries. Here are a few things I have seen, from some of these new believers, that concerned me; one woman, with a large following, told people that they should not pray for believers who are having hard situations. She said God is punishing them and to quit praying for them. Folks that’s wrong theology that is not biblically based. Another newbie was telling people that they should not quote scripture verses to others. Again, wrong theology! Test the spirits, do not believe anything that does not line up with the Word Of God. 

Before we minister to others God calls us and anoints us. Just because we “want” to do something is not good enough. God will anoint and equip those he genuinely calls.

Next, it’s becoming harder and harder to minister on FB. The algorithms are literally killing ministries. If you are interested in being a part of our online ministry please follow us by going to Wisdom of The Cooing Dove and signing up to get our blogs. My other website is Help For God’s Hurting People. You can contact me through that one for prayer.

I may come off of FB entirely. I am still praying about it. If I do, and you are interested in daily encouragement, please go to one of the websites I listed above and sign up to get encouragement in your email box. We do not spam people or give their email address to anyone else!

In the beginning of our online ministry God directed us to meet the needs of others who were loyal ministry members. A few of the things we did were the following; pay to have a woman’s oven fixed, pay to get a new air conditioner for a disabled woman in California, pay utility bills for desperate people, buy food for hungry children, help women get in a place of their  own who were homeless due to domestic violence. We would love to be able to do these things again but because of money grabbing ministers buying huge homes and fancy cars all ministry has had a decrease in donations. We hope God will lead folks to donate for these things again and we have a donation button on the Help For God’s Hurting People website.

Chuck, my husband, and I are praying about online videos or FB live to minister to others. Chuck is my covering. He and I share ministry and prayer for others. We do personal bible study, as God leads us, together during the week. Through all the things sent to us, meant to destroy us, we have been held up by God! Truthfully, these things have been growth opportunities. It sounds crazy, but we thank God for them, for that reason!

So that’s what’s on my mind this morning. God has brought many mature Christians to minister online to me too and   I thank God for their friendship. We share their messages too. If I share one of their encouraging words it’s because God has revealed their heart to me. On the other hand I have had to unfollow a few folks recently because of Godly discernment, just FYI. Keep in mind that my personal FB account has both saved and unsaved friends. I having been praying about just having my Wisdom Of The Cooing Dove FB page. If I do I will let you know.

In His Unconditional Love and Service,

Cathie Miller

My Testimony And The Difference Between Truth And Judgement


The day before the Southwest Airlines incident, in which the woman was partially ejected from her seat and died, I experienced a shift in the atmosphere. I only mentioned it to my husband. I then read, and heard, of several other Christians that felt the same thing.


The folks that felt this “shift” did so between March 15 and March 20th of 2018.


By shift, what do I mean? I mean that God physically manifested a shift in the spiritual atmosphere. I knew, that I knew, we were going on to another level of battle in the spiritual realm.


I want to be really careful here. I ABSOLUTELY mean NO disrespect to anyone who was on that plane, and especially not to the poor woman who died! If that is not clear to you please do yourself a favor and quit reading NOW!


I inquired, of God, about the symbolism of that horrible incident, in prayer to the Lord. I knew that God knew that the woman, Jennifer Riordan, was a Christian who spent her life spreading love to everyone who knew her. Bottom line, I feel like she must be with the Lord, and that she must have gone there immediately. Granted, as someone said to me, “You don’t know what she was like in private.” No I do not. I do know however that you can put on a show for just so long and sooner or later you show your true colors. No one said anything but nice things about her. Now perhaps, through her death, much needed lessons were, and will be, learned by those who were close to her. I leave that to God.


Getting back to the symbolism. I have read countless stories about what happened. Every story said that there was a loud BOOM and then she was “sucked” out of her seat.


It reminded me of the pictures and sermons I have heard of the Rapture. There is a loud blast, of a Trumpet and then every one, who is going to be with the Lord, will rise. That is the Rapture of the dead in Christ and those who are fully surrendered to him. Then those who are left on the earth, the ones who are saved but not committed fully and the unsaved, will go through the Tribulation. It is not going to be pleasant. Then there is the Second Coming. At the time of the Second Coming Christ will come back with the dead in Christ and the fully surrendered that went during the Rapture, prior to the Tribulation. I am simplifying this. You can read the story in the book of Revelation, and there are many sermons you can read or listen to online to understand this clearly. I suggest Chuck Missler or Jonathan Kahn for clarification and further study about the above.


I believe the Rapture of the Church is imminent. I don’t believe in date setting but I do believe that we are very, very close to the Rapture and then the Tribulation. The tribulation will be worse then anything you can ever imagine it to be. Be prepared NOW so that you will not have to experience the horrible things coming on the earth


I want you to know that if you feel I am being “judgmental” at times it’s because I do know, without a doubt, that the Rapture is right upon us. I do not want anyone I care about, and those God cares about, to have to go through the tribulation.


I want to share a little about my life. I was first saved in 1976. It was during the Jesus Movement and I was living in California. I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and immediately God used me to facilitate Bible Studies in my home. I was a babe in Christ; I certainly did not know enough to teach so God put me in touch with a mentor. She would come to my home once a week and lead the bible study. God’s presence was flowing. We saw miracle after miracle. Many women, who attended, were saved. It was truly the most beautiful time of my life.


Satan immediately came against me. I didn’t have the tools to fight the devil, as I did not know the Word of God, which is the armor of God we need to resist the devil.


I began to experience marital problems. I went through a lot of confusion. I had baggage from my childhood. Before I knew it I was backslidden. I got involved in going to bars with my girlfriends, and light drug use and alcohol. My ex husband was doing the same. I then got a divorce and moved back to Albuquerque.


From there things went from bad to worse. I went through one horribly dysfunctional relationship after another. I knew I wasn’t living for God and I began to make excuses.


I would find ways of saying that the bible didn’t mean we could not do this or that. I still believed in God but I justified my not living completely for him. I lived for the fun of life. I thought life was a banquet and I was starving. Drugs, sex and rock and roll were what were going on back then and I was involved in it. My friends were also involved in it.


I had no direction and no goals. I would work for money and then spend it all as soon as I got it. God was trying to get my attention. A few times I tried going back to church and I had good intentions but by the next Friday I was ready to party again. I told myself that God was love and God would not send me to hell because He loved me. Satan had me in deception.


Now, when you backslide God will come after you. He will chase you down and allow Satan to strip everything from you until you get right with Him again. Sometimes, and I have seen it often, He will stop giving you chances. I have had friends who were doing that one last hit, that one last drug deal and God said, “NO MORE!” At a point He turns us over to our own devices.


I was dating a bad class of men. Men, like me, who worked and partied and had no direction. I met a lot of men who did drugs all day, couldn’t hold a job and expected women to support them. When I got wise to that, and tried to get them to leave, they turned violent and they stayed that way until I ended up physically and mentally abused and had to turn to the police and victims advocates to help me. I was, by that time, an orphan. I was an only child whose parents were older when they had me. They both died early and left me in the world alone. I did what I had to in order to survive.


In order to survive I used my God-given discernment in the New Age Movement. I studied every religious sect you can name. I tried Buddhism, Hinduism and many others.

I was at one time considered one of the top ten psychics in New Mexico. I needed peace and I tried Yoga, Meditation, you name it. During this time I worked and begin to study Psychology, wanting to get my degree in Psychology and find out what was really wrong with me. I still was backslidden and God was still working on me. In 1999 one of my sons was coming down from Meth and tried to kill me. My son would later end up in a rehab facility and he evidentially got his act together. I had so much guilt about that as I knew that he had seen all kinds of drugs brought into our home and I felt like my permissive attitude led to him getting addicted to drugs.


After years of love addiction and bad living my life was in a mess. I went to church one Sunday and Mario Murillo was a guest speaker. It was like he was speaking right to me. I realized Christ was the only answer. The Holy Spirit hit me and I went forward and recommitted my life to Christ. God took me through a lot of confession, repentance and releasing of past emotional hurts to Him. During this time I was led to not date and during this time I was convinced I was to stay celibate until, and if, God gave me a Christian man. I was so in love with the Lord that it wasn’t hard. I didn’t even miss the physical affection. I knew that God had a calling on my life and He was expediting everything. I received vivid dreams during that time. I didn’t lose my discernment, but now I was only using it to the glory of God. Satan has a counterfeit to every gift of God. After attending the new church for a while I was ordained into women’s ministry.


I began to understand I was a love addict. I begin to study that and began to start finishing my degree. Five years later I met my husband through a Christian activity. When I told him that God had called me to celibacy until marriage I was shocked when he told me he felt the same way. During our first two dates together we spent both days doing bible study. He was a Messianic Believer and so was I. We could see that God put us together for a few reasons. He is an Old Testament scholar and I am a touchy feely person who loves people and wants to see them saved and living victoriously. He taught me the deep meaning of the Word and I led him to being more of a people person.


We got married on a day of blessing, as explained in the Old Testament. I moved to Denver to live with him. Things did not go well. He had a son living with him that he had not told me about. He assumed it wouldn’t matter. My kids were grown and living on their own. I guess he thought if he told me I wouldn’t marry him. He was probably right.


The first four years of our marriage was absolutely horrible. I had been single for years and so was he. I liked being single and he did too. Neither of us wanted to give in to the other. I had a spirit of imaginations, due to my prior dysfunction, that had not been dealt with. I begin to accuse Chuck or all sorts of bad things that mostly were not true. His sons took his side. I felt ganged up on and insecure and unhappy. I tried leaving him a few times but God kept bringing me back through hard circumstances.


Chuck was totally self-centered and ego-centered. If he felt like going somewhere he would just go, not caring if he told me first or not. He had things that needed to go in his life. He hadn’t given things up that he did while single that didn’t fit into a Christian man’s life.

Through a series of hard circumstances God brought us both to our knees and we surrendered to Christian married life. Seven years afterwards he almost died, and that whole experience tempered us both out and we surrendered to Christian marriage, and ministry, and we have never looked back.


I said all of that to say this. I went through so much junk that I didn’t have to go through because I was rebellious. I thought I would have no fun being a Christian. I was so wrong! The Christian life, when you are totally committed to Christ, is fun! Yes, you still have hard times but now you are in a three-fold cord with Christ. It’s you, your spouse and Christ. It’s a covenant. You don’t easily break a covenant.


During the first of our marriage Chuck and I were still drinking occasionally. I noticed that when I was drinking I didn’t feel as close to Christ. After Chuck being ill and having to take medications he found that alcohol didn’t mix with them. We both decided that our drinking wasn’t good for us. We were more easily led into a disagreement and we didn’t like the way we felt anymore when we were drinking.


One day I read this scripture, in 1Peter 5:8. “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour.”

From that point on, neither of us took another drink of alcohol.

I told you all of that because I want to explain why I am so honest and say what I think about getting sin out of our lives. Both Chuck and I wasted so much time and money living the party life when we were young. We had no goals, went from relationship to relationship, saved no money and didn’t commit ourselves to one job. We were both free spirits and we paid dearly for being free spirits.

I love people and I have dedicated the rest of my life to helping as many people as possible learn much earlier, then we did, that living for Christ is what we were born for and the longer we deny that the worst our lives become.

Heaven is not going to be a boring place. It’s going to be beautiful and fun with lovely homes to live in. Don’t miss it by wanting to hold on to temporary pleasure.

Lay down anything and everything that’s keeping you from fully surrendering to Christ. Find a good church. When I was backslidden I didn’t want to go to bible teaching churches. I didn’t want my conscience pricked. So I went to churches that occasionally read scriptures but didn’t teach the word. There are so many great churches available for folks now. Why wouldn’t you want to try one? If you make friends with people at your church you are going to find people with like minds. People who have fun and get together without drugs and alcohol. It’s that simple!

If you need help, write me. I love to mentor people. I will help you find a church in your town that will help you to grow!

I know about temptation. I know about hurt. So does God. He has been through both of those things. Please understand that I am not judgmental. I am a truth teller. I intend to keep telling the truth because I want you to know the truth. The truth will set you free!


In His Unconditional Love,