How Double-Mindedness Hinders Answers To Prayers


“Their loyalty is divided between God and the world, and they are unstable in everything they do.” James 1:8

I was asked by someone recently what I thought was a major hindrance to prayers being answered.

Like everything else in my life it seems that I learned things the hard way. Sometimes I repeated doing things, that God was not pleased with me doing, over and over. I repeated lessons that God was trying to teach me because I was often rebellious and didn’t learn the first time.

If you are reading this God wants to use you in the Kingdom. After baptizing of the disciples, the next thing Jesus told them was that He wanted to make them fishers of men. He wants to use us to help lead others into the kingdom, and that means we have to be honest in our testimonies. In fact, the most successful ministers are those who use the testimony of their growth issues in ministering to others.

I believe that a lot of my prayers were delayed because God knew that I was not totally surrendered to Him. If I was in a position to minister to others and I still had a lot of garbage in my own life, sooner or later those things would come out and ruin my testimony.

Several years ago God began to speak to me about going into the “Holy of Holies,” with Him. In the Old Testament God speaks of the requirements for temple priests regarding entering the “Holy of Holies.”  He wanted these people to be set apart, different from the ones they would minister to. I believe He is asking the same of believers today. The time is too short to have people confused by the behavior of so-called believers that still love the world more then God. Look at the damage already done to the church by all the married ministers that have had affairs. Many fell because of these men. Yes, God forgives them, God always forgive, but damage was done to those who made the mistake of looking to “men” before God.

He wanted my ministry to grow, but first He wanted to make sure that I was no longer double minded with one foot in hell and the other foot in heaven. I needed to surrender some things that really didn’t belong in a Christians’ life.

Truthfully, I fought double mindedness for years. I loved to party at the clubs. I loved to dance and drink and have a good time. For years I told myself that it was okay for a Christian to participate in those things, because after all didn’t Jesus himself go into the bars to minister to the sinners? I thought I could still be a Christian and bring folks to Christ even in a bar. But the truth of it was that most of the time the sinners were bringing me to their level rather them me bringing them to Christ.

I can remember going home and the next day feeling so guilty. The Holy Spirit had convicted me often in these clubs that this wasn’t where I was to be. The last time I ever went into a club I remember on the way home the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and said, “What if this was the time Jesus came back for the church, would you be raptured while drinking and carousing in a club?” Honestly, that touched me in a way nothing else had.

So about sixteen years ago, I quit going to clubs. I still was doubled minded in a lot of other ways. As time went on God began to work on holiness in my life a little bit at a time.

I am not perfect, far from it, but as much as possible these days I try to keep my feet grounded in God’s Kingdom. I am not powerful enough to do that on my own. It takes soaking in prayer and asking God to cover me and my mind with the blood of Jesus daily.

God tests us. He wants to see if we are going to be true to Him and His word before He puts us in places of ministry. If we call ourselves Christians are we truly surrendering to Christ? Do we take up our cross and bear it each day like He did for us?

If you prayers go unanswered I would ask you, humbly, to take a look at your life. Things that might have felt fine before you were saved no longer should be in your life.

Some of these things are drugs, excessive drinking, telling dirty jokes, sex outside of marriage, dressing immodestly, gossiping, lying, and stealing. The list goes on and it is specific to each and ever person’s life.

When God can trust us with blessings, and when He knows we will use those blessings to benefit others, THEN AND ONLY THEN, does he give them to us. Like any other parent God wants His children happy. He knows though that giving us things when we are not ready to use them for the Kingdom will only hurt us and other Christians in the long run.

What we did yesterday, or even a minute ago, no longer matters. We ask God’s forgiveness and we repent and we move on. God never withholds forgiveness. NEVER.

The people who are without God are judging us on a daily basis. They look at us and if we are still steeped in some sin, just as they are, they see no need to come to Christ. They also believe us to be hypocrites and truly a lot of us are.

I have learned that nothing feels as good as totally surrendering your life to God. To give up things that we secretly find pleasurable in order to follow Christ offers us bigger rewards in the spiritual realm then we can ever begin to imagine.

Tomorrow could be too late. Give it all to Him NOW, and trust Him to keep you close to Him in total surrender.

Friendship with the world and the worldly things it offers is spiritual adultery. Give that a thought. Pray about it, and ask God to walk you out of the valley of double-minded behavior.

In His Unconditional Love,


Ministering Wisdom Learned in the Crucible Of Fire to Christian Believers


Staying Inside The Fence


Be happy about it! Be very glad! For a great reward awaits you in heaven. And remember, the ancient prophets were persecuted in the same way.
 Matthew 5:12

This past week God has been dealing with me regarding backsliding and why it seems to be so hard for people to stay true to God these days.

Truthfully, I know a whole lot about backsliding as a Christian believer because I did it for a long time. I would go one step forward with God and then I would take two back.

I wanted to be like everyone around me. I wanted to “have my cake and eat it too.” I would dabble in all kinds of things that were not good for me. These things included, relationships, recreational drugs, alcohol and New Age things that interested me.

The very first time something around me went wrong I would say, “To heck with it, if I am going to have all these hard situations around me I might as well have fun in the meantime.”

It’s only been the last 7 years that I have totally been sold out for God. God worked on me for a long time until I totally surrendered my whole soul to Him and knew that I never wanted to go back into the crazy, chaotic, drama filled life I had lived.

No one is perfect. Not your pastor, your counselor, your TV pastor, your best friend or someone you highly admire. The only good example we have for life is Christ. When we keep our eyes on a “person,” and that person falls back into trouble, then we have our faith rattled. We forget that we are all in suits of flesh, and until we die we are going to be tempted to do some crazy things that are not good for us.

God went out of His way to teach me about the “frailty” of some “human beings,” I admired. The last straw was when a man who is the head of a large nationwide psychological group came to ME for counseling and told me to never tell anyone about it. It was then God taught me that psychiatrists and psychologists don’t live stress free lives either. We all put our legs in our pants one leg at a time. After that sad realization I have learned to keep my eyes of God and wait for Him to guide me. Sometimes I forget and when I do I learn quickly that no one but God can truly guide me.

Be kind to your “teachers,” counselors and pastors. Give them a big hug. It’s hard when you realize that people constantly judge you and look at you to be perfect. No one knows better then each of those people how human we all our, and if they don’t they will soon fall because God wants to chase that “ego,” right out of them.

When you want to get free of something you need to find a counselor that understands you. I counsel a lot of love addicts because I spent years in love addictive behavior and I know what it’s all about. It’s different then other addictions, but it can still destroy and take over your life if you let it.

God had to literally remove all my props to get through to me. He might be doing that to you too if you find a lot of people leaving your life. Especially those you depend up to help you when you need emotional counsel.

There is another reason people leave, too, that I would like to just briefly touch on. They are not ready to totally commit it all to God at this point and having YOU around lets them know that God is able to deal with and change anyone and they don’t want to change yet. Now that’s not why commitment phobic leave love addicts, but that’s for another time, I am not dealing with that in this teaching.

When we are double-minded, and backsliding, God can’t bring forth the real plan He has for our lives. The reason is that He wants to use us as witnesses of His transformation power and truth be told a lot of people will just sit around and hope we fall flat on our faces so they can say, “I told you nothing has changed him or her!”

A lot of people will stop reading right here. They will think, “Oh, I don’t want to listen to this Christian self-righteous behavior BS. God loves me just as I am!” In a way they are right. God loves us too much to leave us in the trough groveling with pigs. We are His kids, He took all of the sin we had, and would ever have, when He died on the cross for us.

When I talk about these things please do not think I am pointing out one group of people. This isn’t about gay people, transgender people or married people or single people or so called “straight” people. This is simply saying that WHATEVER your current lifestyle is, God wants it dedicated exclusively to following Him. Not following a religion but following Him.

God catches fish and then cleans them up. Not the other way around. No one sin is any worse then the other, but some folks like to act high and mighty and believe that they are better then someone who doesn’t sin in the same way they do.

I like to think of God’s law as a fence. When we are children perhaps our parents say to us, “Stay inside this fence!” But, like all children we don’t want to stay inside of that fence. We think we want to go outside and find out what’s out there. We don’t realize that we could get hit by a car or grabbed by a maniac. We just think our parents are mean for making us stay inside that fence.

They do that because they love us, we are precious to them and they don’t want us to get hurt.

God’s moral laws are also for the same reason. He knows that there are things out there that can hurt us if we play with them.

Going out with someone who is not your spouse or partner is much the same way. It starts out simply. Perhaps you decide to meet with this person for dinner. You feel a bit strange about it but you think, “its only dinner!” what can happen?” Then perhaps you start talking to this person and emotionally bonding. You tell them things that are about your spouse, “after all everyone needs someone to talk to,” you think. And then if you are a Christian you might think about what God says about adultery but you brush that off by saying, “God knows I need someone to talk too!” Then it goes on awhile and someone says to you, “I think you better be careful there!” You then try to convince them, and yourself, that, “We are just friends, nothing is going on!” Then it keeps going and before you know it you are having an affair and lose your relationship and all that goes with that.

I could go on, but you get my drift here. All moral failings start by convincing ourselves that we are doing nothing wrong. But when we then see the consequences of our behavior we often blame it on God. “Why didn’t you stop me? Why did you let me get involved in this?”

Beloved, it’s called free will and God wants us to love Him enough to live the way He tells us to live. It’s our fence and we may not be mature enough yet to understand it but it’s there for a reason.

God wants us to endure situations and learn from them. He tells us that as hard as it is to do that, it is worth it and GREAT is our reward.

Bad moral decisions are ALWAYS preceded by a series of unwise decisions that we first talk ourselves into.

I don’t care who you are or how old you are, the temptations of life never quit. The secret to overcoming them is to realize what a wonderful God we have that desires only the best and brightest things for us! He tries hard to keep us from losing our souls because of His strong love for us. Today, if you are being tempted to do something that isn’t good for you, and you know it, surrender it to God and know that He has so much in store for you and your obedience is going to lead you to a wonderful truth that God loves you more then you could ever imagine!

May God’s best be present in your life, now and forever!

In His Never-Failing Love,