Prepare for Victory

Lion roaring - no weapon formed against us!

This morning before my feet hit the ground I started praying. The Holy Spirit came over me and God started speaking in the Spirit into my heart and soul.

We are in a battle folks. The final battle. Every single horrible, awful, heartbreaking, and evil thing we have experienced has all happened to strengthen us for this moment. We are getting ready to see mighty miracles as those who come against God’s anointed will see all their evil deeds of darkness turned back on them.

In these coming days people will stand around with their mouths open in unbelief at the way God turns their evil plots back upon the.

We have been born “for a time such as this!” Stand still and see the power of God move upon this earth! Get ready to see miracles so that everyone who sees them will know, as they did when David won the battle against Goliath, that God is with you!

If God takes someone out of your life let them go, God is removing everything that doesn’t serve His purposes in our lives!



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