Never Give Up!


With God ALL things are possible. Matthew 19:26


A couple of months ago our big screen tv, which I bought for Chuck and I with money I got when I retired 12 years ago, quit running. The day before it quit working it was working fine with a beautiful picture. Thinking perhaps it was a satellite problem I called Dish. The technician came out and told me , “Sorry it’s your TV!”

Deep down I knew we were missing something. I knew it was something else. I ignored it but two events are coming up we really wanted to see. So yesterday afternoon I started messing around with it and by the grace of God I fixed it. Chuck was thrilled. I told him, “I never give up!”

That’s a theme God is wanting to get across to His people. Never give up! If what we want is not illegal or against God’s laws, He partners with us. He comes into covenant with us and He doesn’t break that covenant.

Years ago I needed to sell a house. I prayed and prayed and it just would not sell. A friend at church said to me one day, “Did you pray for that house? I said , “As a matter of fact I did.” She then suggested that I had come into covenant agreement with God for that house. She said “Pray and ask God to release you from that covenant.” I did that and a week later I sold the house.

I had prayed about using some of that money for that TV. I came into covenant agreement and in my spirit I knew that the TV was a gift from God and the agreement was still in effect.

I never gave up on the thought that the TV was not broken. In my life, after losing my parents when I was fairly young, I learned early that the only person I had to depend on was God. I expect miracles and God gives me miracles.

Don’t give up! When you pray you enter covenant agreement with God. You will give up on that prayer long before God ever does!


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