Waiting On God’s Promises


“No, I will not break my covenant; I will not take back one word of what I said.” Psalm 89:34

Believe it or not the email that I get the most goes something like this, “God made a promise to me and it has not come to past yet. What should I think about this?”

First of all God always keeps His promises. Being human,and in these suits of flesh, we sometimes believe that God gives us a promise that may not be from God at all. It may simply be Satan putting thoughts into our head. So what can we do to know the difference?

The main way to know if a promise is from God is that it MUST line up with the Word of God.

I often share the story of a sister who came to me for Spiritual Counseling. She couldn’t figure out why God had not kept a promise that she was sure she had gotten from Him. It took a while but she finally confessed to me that God had promised her that He would give her the married man she was in love with.

Unfortunately, I had to let her know that the promise she thought was from God was actually Satan playing with her mind. God is very clear when He tells us in the book of Exodus, in the Old Testament of the Bible, “You shall not commit adultery.” (Exodus 20:14)

So, since God is a man of His Word, there is no way He would promise us the spouse of another person. It doesn’t matter if you think, or he thinks, you are made for each other. The fact is that God doesn’t promise us ANYTHING that doesn’t line up with the Word.

Now why would Satan trick us into believing that God was promising us something contrary to His Word? When we think about it for a few minutes the answer is obvious. Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. His goal is to turn us against God and making us think that God lied to us, and isn’t keeping his Word, is a sure way to turn some folks against God.

So, lets say God gave you a promise and it’s not against any of God’s commandments, it’s morally okay and STILL you haven’t had your prayer answered. What then?

Sometimes it’s simply a matter of being patient. When I was young I loved the town of Taos, New Mexico. I wanted to move there, desperately, and I prayed about it and I was sure God spoke to me that I would indeed live there. It took twenty years for that prayer to be answered. I am sure, looking back, that God knew I was not ready to move there when I first started praying about it. I realize that His timing was perfect because I was not totally committed to Him when I first began to pray about moving here. There are a lot of things to get involved in here that aren’t necessarily good for a Christian to be involved in. God knew that, and knowing how rebellious I was earlier in life, He had to do a whole lot of work on me before He could trust me to stay true to Him regardless of where I lived.

God wants the answers to our prayers to be perfect for us in every single way. So perhaps He is working some things out in our lives prior to giving us the desires of our hearts.

When we are not 100% committed to Him we can sometimes get in a lot of trouble with blessings. God wants us to use whatever He blesses us with to help others. Sometimes I think He keeps me poor so that I will depend on Him daily for finances. I believe in my heart I would use financial blessings to benefit others, because I am a giver. However, God knows us better then we know ourselves. He often gives us small amounts of financial blessings to see how faithful we are to help others. If we aren’t going to bless people with small amounts of blessings in our lives, what would make God think we would do so if we won the lottery?

God keeps His promises in HIS PERFECT TIMING, not ours.

God is like a good dad! He wants so much to bless His children but He needs to be able to trust that we are ready for them prior to handing us large blessings. How many times have Christians been blessed with Mega Ministries and then turned around and brought shame to God by affairs or stealing large amounts of the churches money?

In closing, God wants to bless His kids. If He made you a promise, and it’s within His perfect will for a Christian’s life, you can believe He will follow through on it. Do what you can to make yourself ready to see your dreams come true and then EXPECT God to follow through on His part!

In His Never-Ending Love,