The Year 2016 Corresponds To The Biblical Number 9


11 For I know the plans and thoughts that I have for you,’ says the Lord, ‘plans for peace and well-being and not for disaster to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11

About fifteen years ago God started to get my attention by using numbers. Lets be clear, I am not speaking of Numerology. I am speaking of God’s use of biblical numbers. We all know that God uses the number 40 in many ways and many times. There are other numbers that God uses as patterns. As we become aware of these numbers and their meanings God speaks mysteries of the kingdom to us.


For instance, the rains (in Noah’s day) fell for 40 days and forty nights. Israel ate Manna in the wilderness for 40 years. Moses was with God on the mount for 40 days and 40 nights. There are many other instances of the number 40 being used by God for a symbol.


My study started when God began to show me sequences of numbers. I might see 111 or 222 and so forth. During those times I would feel a heavy presence of the spirit, but I didn’t know why. Now, I have discovered that when and if we see number sequences God is getting our attention. He wants us to be aware of things around us. He wants us to stop, center our minds on Him and be grateful that He is with us and He will never leave us. If we are open to this God will walk us into a supernatural study of numbers and how He uses them to speak to us.


If you don’t see numbers that’s okay. God has given you other gifts and speaks to you in other ways.


If you do see numbers you are a person picked by God to spread His love, compassion and support unconditionally. God will teach you what He wants you to know as you surrender to Him completely and walk into obedience.


This, however, is not a lesson on God’s numbers. That subject is involved and I will and have taught on that a little bit at a time. Check my archives on my blog or @ my website


Through New Years Eve, and a couple of days after I mostly unplugged from the Internet, except to check mail and study the Word.


I sought God for guidance into 2016. I started to feel that God was directing me to the number relating to this year. That number is a 9. You get there by adding the numbers in 2016. 2+1=3+6=9


The biblical meaning of the number 9 is completion. God began to speak to my heart that many things, involving many people, will abruptly come to an end this year. Bad situations, Bad relationships of all kinds, including business and personal will change.


In some cases that could be a good thing. If you have struggled to get your business, or relationship, off the ground you will be able to do that this year.


Cycles have reached completion and for better or worse they have been completed and served their purposes and God is going to move us in a completely different direction.


At first the end of a job, or relationship, may be painful but remember that God never closes a door without opening another door full of possibilities.


DO NOT struggle to hold on to something or someone that is not working for you. When we flow in the spirit of God we feel energized, not stressed or worn down. God wants to lift the burden off of us for things that are weighing us down. Release situations and people in love and let them go on.


When we think we have to have one outcome, and one outcome only, we are not surrendering to the will of God. Know that God wants only the best for His children. If we hold on to things or people that are not working for us we stop the blessings coming through that God wants to usher into our lives.


God’s ways are perfect. I find it not a coincidence that President Obama was sworn into office in 2008. The numbers must always be reduced to one digit. 2+8=10=1. One is the number of new beginnings, while 9 is the number of completion and his term will be coming to an end this year.


God speaks to His children, that are love oriented, through numbers as well as other ways.


For instance I find the number 4 ,or seeing 444, almost always is God’s way of warning me of death on a large scale and not necessarily personal to my life. I saw that number everywhere prior to the terrorist attack in San Bernardino.


This year you will see the end to a lot of things that God is taking out of your life. You will have them one moment and the next they will be gone. You have felt, deep inside that you are being blocked but you are emotionally tied to something or someone that God wants you to leave and He knows if He doesn’t change your circumstances you will never do it yourself. Be prepared for quick changes and don’t wring your hands in sorrow when these things occur. Know that God has a plan for your life and you will not see that plan without letting go.


God also spoke to me that there are situations that some of us have been praying about for many, many years. We have wondered if these things will ever change. God spoke to me that this is a year for reconciliations and for miracle answers in the favor of His people.


I saw some people that had struggled with finances in the past, suddenly having an abundance of finances. I closed my eyes and God showed me angels dumping buckets of gold on people that have done without and still helped others. The poverty you have experienced is coming to an end. I felt God warning me though, the more he blesses us with the more he expects us to help others with. Hoarding of money will only lead to permanent lack.


Be prepared for suddenlies. Sudden changes in weather cycles bringing things about that wouldn’t normally necessarily happen in our location. The end of one cycle of weather, and the starting of another is going to be the norm this year.


If you enjoy the study of numbers you can do a Google check on the significance of biblical numbers and find out the significance of these numbers in the Word of God.


For me this is what the numbers 1-9 have come to mean.


  1. New beginnings
  2. God is in the midst of my situation bringing angels to help me.
  3. Establishment of patterns. Things can happen once, twice is on purpose and three times is a pattern of behavior
  4. Either of a person or situation. Finality or the end.
  5. A change in finances for the better.
  6. Confusion, being surrounded by people that don’t have my best interest in mind.
  7. The number of completeness and spiritual growth in area’s God has been working on with me.
  8. Infinity or ETERNITY. Reaping what we sow both good and bad.
  9. Ending of a situation or level of spiritual knowledge with advancement to the next level.


As I said, this is a 9-year and we are going to see endings and because of these endings God will take us to the next level.


Quit manipulating situations and just let them unfold in the way God wants them to unfold.


If you had your hearts set on something and it ends, try to see that as a good thing, moving you forward and release it and wish it Godspeed.


In His Miraculous Love,

Cathie Miller




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