The Secret To Walking In Abundance


And God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others. 2nd Corinthians 9:8


Are you living in super-natural abundance, or are you living with not even enough to put food on your table?

It is not God’s will for His children to be living in lack. The scripture above proves it. God will provide your needs and as your needs are met, you can then meet the needs of others. After you start walking in that giving attitude for a while your faith increases and soon you will notice that even your “wants,” if inline with right living, will begin to supernaturally come to you from unexpected sources.

In order to access the heavenly realms of abundant living, you have to change your way of thinking about God and His provision.

This law is a universal law and it works for givers even if they are not “Christians.” I live in a town in Northern New Mexico that has a lot of people of diverse faiths and beliefs. The interesting thing I have noticed is that so many different faiths have as one of their tenants the principal of giving to others and expecting nothing back. So I see people using their God given gifts to bless others. That means their needs are constantly going to be met.

So when I say that you have to change your mind about living in abundance what I mean is that your thoughts, and the Words that come out of your mouth, have to be in agreement with the fact that God doesn’t want His children to live in lack. Constantly being without is not a good witness to the goodness of the Lord. Why in the world would anyone be attracted to being poor for the rest of his or her lives? We all need to have our basic needs for food, shelter, and transportation met before we can help others with theirs. God knows that and He is more then willing to bless the work of our hands when we use what we have to help others.

Anything is possible when you begin to believe it is possible. We live in an abundant world and our heavenly father owns the cattle on each and every hill. There is no lack in the world; there are only people who have not learned to live up to their God-given potential.

It’s impossible for us to be saying one thing, and believing another. That’s why I get up each morning, no matter how I am feeling, or what I have, and I begin to praise God for all I do have. When we begin to praise God comes into our environment and our words are in agreement with His at that point and we go from constantly being losers to being able to give to others.

Get into thinking and BELIEVING that every single thing you have belongs to God.

When you get into that way of thinking miracles start to happen. Last week my husband and I were in the Post Office in our town. I had on a beautiful turquoise blue Howlite continuous necklace. The necklace was made up of hand-carved crosses. There must have been at least a hundred of them. It is a beautiful necklace that looks like turquoise but has stones dyed to look like turquoise. I have received so many compliments on that necklace and it is a piece of jewelry that makes you feel good when you put it on.

The woman that we have worked with at the post office, since we moved here, was helping us. She is a good Christian woman that has been so kind to us. All of a sudden she saw my necklace and said, “I love that!” She began to touch the crosses and admire it. Suddenly I heard the still voice of God in my head that said, “Take it off and give it to her!” I did just that and it touched her heart. She got tears in her eyes and protested but I told her, “It’s a gift from God.”

I loved that necklace and I don’t know of another place to get another one just like it, but it doesn’t matter. It was not mine, I was blessed by God with that necklace and since it’s His I can happily obey His voice and give it away to bless another one of His kids.

I have lived that way for so long, that it’s second nature to me. I don’t do it for what I might receive. I let it go with no expectations. It then goes into my heavenly bank account and when I am in need God sees to it that my needs are met in miraculous ways.

Once you get it into your head that it’s not your paycheck that meets your needs, it God that gives you a job, and the talent to get that job, then you start going into the heavenly realms of supernatural abundance.

It’s addicting. Be prepared, once you start running your finances in divine order you will never go back to begging God, or anyone else, for anything.

I am blessed with a husband who also is a giver. I prayed for a husband who also had the gift of giving, because I knew that a selfish hoarder of money would have a lot of trouble living with me.

When we lived in Salida Colorado God was blessing my ministry in some mind-blowing ways. One day I looked at my PayPal account and a couple that met me through our online ministry had blessed our account with 175.00. The same day another woman I had been counseling with sent me a donation of 100.00. I was praising God for meeting our needs and we went to the grocery store. I saw a man pushing a woman in a wheelchair and they had an adorable little girl with them that was also helping her mother. It turned out that we got behind them in the checkout lane. God begin to nudge my heart with paying for their groceries. In my mind I began to argue with God. I was so happy to have a few extra dollars and thoughts of what I could do with it were whirling through my mind. The Lord started nudging my heart harder. I knew better then to disobey. I leaned down and whispered to my husband, “God told me to pay for their groceries.” My husband shook his head, “Yes!” and I told the checkout woman, “Excuse me, I would like to pay for their groceries, just add it to my grocery bill.” She knew me and so she did it. The couple was overwhelmed. The man said to us, “I was beginning to think God had forgotten about us.” So God gave us the extra money to help someone whose faith was close to being lost. That’s how it works. The heavenly realm of banking knows no boundaries. Two weeks later someone said that God had told them to pay our utilities that month and we got that money back and more.

It isn’t about giving to your church necessarily, although I do believe if you attend there every Sunday you should help them. I believe that we are to give to others directly when ever possible.

Someone once said, “Well, what if they use the money for drugs?” Well then offer to pay for their bills directly to the company they owe money too.

God will reveal to you if you are being taken advantage of and he will cut that person out of your life. It’s happened to me a couple of times, I will not lie to you. I still get the blessing though because my motives in the giving were pure. It’s the intent God looks at when we give to others.

You can clean their house, mow their lawn, or fix them dinner. It’s the giving that keeps your needs being met. God will give you discernment.

One day I saw a minister online begging for money. I had sent her 50.00 once and I never received as much as a thank-you. Now, we don’t give to be praised, but it’s only decent manners to thank someone. I for one never help an ungrateful person again. I give it to God and let Him balance the books in my heavenly account as He decides to do so. About six months after that the same minister was begging again. I sent her an email and asked her if she was thanking people. She told me “No, but everyone knows I appreciate it. I am very busy.” I then told her that God expects us to be grateful when we are gifted by others and let them know that, just as we thank God for gifts we get. She began to do that and her funds didn’t dry up anymore.

I notice those who are loving, kind and giving will have their needs met and their wants too after they have shown God He can trust them to use their gifts for others. If I see a Christian who is always doing “without,” I know that they are selfish and probably don’t give to others on a regular basis.

As in anything else in the Christian walk, when you first start stepping out in faith and giving, the enemy will come to you and tell you that you are a fool and that nothing is going to change for you. That’s a lie from the pits of hell. Hang in there, make constant deposits in your heavenly account and before you know it you will begin to see miracles.

Start studying giving in the bible. Let God open your mind and give you wisdom. God is a giver. God gave us His only son! When we let go of what’s in our hands then God lets go of what’s in His.

You were born with talents. Use them to help others. That’s what you were born to do!

In His Unconditional Love,

Cathie Miller


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