God Wants To Heal Your Body Your Mind And Your Broken Spirit


You shall serve the Lord your God; He shall bless your bread and water, and take sickness from your midst. Exodus 23:25

When I was 19 years old I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematous. I went for years with it in remission. Every now and then, usually in the middle of severe stress in my life, it would come out of remission.

In 2008 I went on a weight loss plan. I lost about 35 lbs. In losing all that weight I was more concerned with weight loss instead of healthy weight loss. In order to lose the weight I used a lot of sugar substitutes and I especially drank a lot of diet soda. I mean A LOT. The diet soda seemed to hold back the hunger and I depended on it to get me through on days when I was tempted to blow it. Later, through study, I would find out that the sugar substitute in Diet Cola, and other sugar-free treats were poisoning my body.

In January of 2009 I begin to see blood in the toilet and I began to have severe diarrhea. Of course the first thing I thought of, always thinking the worse at the time, was colon cancer. I went to my family doctor who arranged for me to have a colonoscopy. I was also referred to a Gastroenterologist.

The bleeding continued and while I was waiting for the results of the test I started to call out to God in prayer. A few weeks and many tests later I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The doctor I had, at that time, was a real straight shooter. He told me frankly, “You will have this the rest of your life, the best you can do is control it. There is no cure, I know that because I have it myself.”

I went through some really bad meds and for two weeks I was so sick I couldn’t raise my head from the pillow. Finally my doc found a drug that would control it, most of the time, but I had no health insurance at the time and the medication was over $1000.00 a month.

In December of 2010 we moved to be closer to my daughter. Shortly after our move my husband had to have open-heart surgery. During the open-heart surgery he developed MRSA, a flesh eating disease. It ate his entire sternum and some of his rib cage prior to getting it under-control. He should have died; in fact his family care doctor told us that he had never had one patient who had hospital acquired MRSA live. However, the whole ordeal left my husband unable to take care of himself. On top of everything else one of the meds he took, while in the hospital, left him almost blind.

It was obvious that I would be my husband’s caretaker. He had no one else. To this day he cannot even shower by himself, and he is no longer able to drive because he could not pass a drivers license vision test even before his vision almost completely left him.

My situation was dire. The only help I had was my daughter and she was very helpful until she met someone from out of town and moved to Michigan, leaving me completely alone.

I spent all my time too sick to raise my head up and in bed with my I pad or laptop. The only times I would get up was to feed my husband and take care of his needs. The IBD had taken my Lupus out of remission too. The pills they were giving me failed to work. They could literally find nothing that my system would work with. I stopped almost all the pills for Lupus and IBD and went on a gluten free diet. I was begging God to heal me. Even gluten free didn’t work and I was left feeling helpless. I had tried everything and nothing worked.

I would wonder what I was going to do. I had to drive my husband to his doctor appointments and sometimes in the midst of a bad attack of IBD and Lupus I had to cancel my husbands doctor appointments. I begin to have the doctors, not fully aware of my situation, begin to threaten me to stop caring for my husband if I could not get him to his doctor’s appointments. This added to my stress, which in turn made me sicker.

Truly, it was the worst time of my life. I felt totally alone and my health problems had to take a back seat to my husbands. I was lucky if I got to a doctor once a year for myself. It took all the energy I had to make it through each day. My housework suffered because I had to prioritize and housework was low down on my list. I did the dishes, cleaned the bathrooms, and ran a mop and occasionally I vacuumed.

The amazing thing is that through it all I never lost my faith in God. I didn’t know why He was allowing me to go through all of it, but I figured all I had left was God and my husband and I determined to not let either of them go.

Family, on my side and his,were so disappointing. No one offered to help, no one called to see how we were doing, and at one time my husbands oldest son, from another marriage, tried to tell my husband that there was nothing wrong with him and I was putting ideas in his head. My husband tried to tell him that it was his doctor who diagnosed him, and not me. His son went on and on with his tirade and Chuck was broken-hearted that at the worst time in his life, his own son was giving him more grief on top of his grief he was feeling at having lost all semblance of his prior life.

During this time I began to call out to God for my healing. I would reason with God and tell Him, “You know I have to take care of Chuck, and I cannot go on with my own health problems much longer. PLEASE HEAL ME LORD!

During that time I had constant diarrhea. I was losing blood from the ulcerative colitis, which was how my IBD manifested itself. Just getting out of bed to go to the grocery store or take my husband to the doctor took all my energy away. I would do what I had to do and then come home and go back to bed, getting up only when Chuck needed my help.

While I was so sick I begin to wonder what lesson God was trying to teach me from my situation. I would think back on seeing other people who were chronically ill and wondering if they were truly as sick as they said they where. God used my situation to make sure I never had another judgmental thought about sick people again. I saw just how frustrating and heart breaking it was to spend every moment of your life ill, with no one to help.

I prayed for four years for my healing and literally begged God, the last two, to help me because now I had a husband who had no one but me to help him.

I had moments of severe self-pity. I knew I shouldn’t feel sorry for myself but I did. I would take my case to the Lord and remind him of all the ways I had ministered to his people, most of the time without getting a dime for it. I would remind him of how I had tried, after a horrible time of backsliding, to dedicate my life to living for him. It was almost like I was saying to God, “Of all people, I don’t deserve this. I have been your good child, following the desires of your heart Lord.” I begin to have to confess that ego to God, because I knew it was not what He wanted, and I knew I was, and am, far from perfect.

One morning, in early spring of this year, I was lying in bed after a cup of coffee and giving my husband all his meds. My husband was sitting in the Lazyboy recliner in our bedroom. We turned on Christian television. A woman with an angelic voice was singing the most beautiful song of praise. To this day I cannot tell you what we were watching, as I had begun to dose off to sleep when she came on.

The music began to minister to me and I begin to feel a supernatural sense of unearthly peace. Waves and waves of energy began to pulse through my body. The energy went from the top of my head, to the bottom of my feet and then did the same thing time and time again until I was transported to the heavenly realms. I can’t tell you, in the natural, how long I stayed there. I only know that God met me there and began to heal my body supernaturally. When I came “to” and out of the heavenly realms I had a feeling that my life would NEVER again be the same. I had met God, in the heavenly realms and he had healed my body.

Shortly after that a door was opened for us to move into a smaller and less expensive house. Things started to just fall together; money came together in supernatural abundance for us to hire movers. We knew that we were in the middle of God’s will as every single door opened in front of us easily and effortlessly.

Since that day I have not spent one sick day in bed. I have not had manifestations of IBD or Lupus. My energy level is incredible and I am easily able to take my husband where he needs to go and minister to his needs with energy levels I have not experienced in a long, long time. We are now believing Him for my husbands total and complete healing!

Why did it take God so long to heal me? I am not sure, except that I learned many, many life lessons through the whole ordeal. I write this to those of you today that may need a healing in your health or even your emotions. No matter how bad things feel or how bad they look to you at this time, know that GOD is with you. He will heal you, at the exactly right time and when He does it will be a total healing in areas of finances, emotions and your health!

The main thing I learned is that we must not blame him for our troubles. We must prove to Him that no matter what we feel like, in the natural, we will continue to sing praises to His name. No bad thing comes from God. It’s the enemy of our souls that wants to see us suffer and NOT our heavenly Father. Trust Him, He loves us so much and even in the worst times of our lives He stands by our sides, enabling us to go through the hardest times one can ever imagine, not in our strength BUT in HIS.

If you would like someone to agree with you in prayer, please email me.

God is by your side. Your healing is sooner then you think! Stand firm and trust Him!

In His Unconditional Love,

Cathie Miller




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