From Racing Thoughts Of Worry To A Sound Mind


For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7

This morning I received a couple of requests for prayer. I believe that the people found me through one of my websites, but really it could have even been my blog. I truly believe that God sends certain people my way because He knows I have been tried in certain areas, and with His help and His help only, I have come out victoriously “on the other side.”

It is God’s desire that we get the help we need and desperately want. When we are ready God sends a teacher, or two, to help us be healed of the emotional problems that plague us.

The people that contacted me today were telling me of problems they have with their mind and the emotional turmoil they go through on a daily basis because of the thoughts that bombard their minds.

In the 80s and 90s I too had problems with thoughts that went through my mind in a manic way. It was tormenting, there is no other way to express it. Now I have a psych background and I know that people go to doctors with similar problems and these same people are often told that they have Attention Deficit Disorder. They are then given different medicines and maybe they feel better or not. I refused to take those medications. If you are totally sold out to medical and psychological solutions to these problems please stop reading this blog article now. This is NOT for you. This message is for adults. This message is for sold out, born again Christians who understand that there are two forces in the world. If you understand that God is good and we as Christians have an adversary, then this is YOUR time, please read on.

I can remember lying down at nights and having all kinds of tormenting things streaming through my mind. I was a natural born worrier and nights were the worst times of torment for me that you can ever imagine! Everything that I imagined having been said to me, that was negative during my workday, floated through my mind in waves of torment. I would think of things I should have said and rehearse those in my mind. Then in the middle of that I would begin to worry about my bills, my car breaking down, my children being killed in an accident of some sort, my family problems with relatives and it went on and on.

Some nights were worse then others. During those nights I would toss and turn and be worried because I wanted to sleep, so I would be rested for the next day at work, but I could not get to sleep. I couldn’t stop the constant stream of thoughts in my head.

The residue of the night’s thoughts would linger the next day. At the very end of my journey with tormenting thoughts I would think of a family situation that was especially hurtful, and unfair, to me. I would cry out to God about it. I couldn’t understand why God didn’t do something about it. I was living completely for Him at the time and so I really didn’t understand why God wasn’t coming to my rescue.

The day God began to heal me from the tormenting thoughts I was sitting in my prayer chair. I was praying, praising and lifting up my hands to God when “suddenly” God began to speak to me, the way He does. It isn’t a big booming voice. It’s a still soft voice in my head, and I know its God because it is something that I myself couldn’t think of or imagine in a million years!

God said to me the following, “ This is going to go on until you understand where this is coming from and who the tormenter is and what HE is getting out of this heartache you are experiencing.”

I said, “What do you mean Lord?” God said, “What do you know about me? Am I love? Total love? Do I purposely hurt my children with Words?” I knew that God had a loving nature. I knew that God was a loving father who loves us so much that the bible tells us He keeps all of our tears, every single one, in a bottle.

As I contemplated all of that, the Lord spoke the following to me; “What is your understand of Satan? What does the Word say about His nature and His purpose?”

I replied with a scripture I knew by heart; “A thief is only there to steal and kill and destroy. I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of.” The MESSAGE bible. John 10:10

God spoke again and said, “So this situation is not going to end anytime soon, because Satan is getting a lot of mileage out of it.” “If you weren’t so upset by it, it wouldn’t be happening. You need to step away from it. You need to accept it. If it changes, it changes but I need to know that even if this situation never changes you will still love me and do the work I have called you to do. This situation has you stuck and you are no good to me when your mind is in turmoil over this!”

I thought about that and all of a sudden something deep down inside of me roared up like a lion. I was so angry with Satan. I stood up in my room and said out loud; “Satan get the heck out of here. You have gotten all the mileage out of this situation you are going to get. It’s over! I just don’t care anymore. I am over this.”

I knew God was in it because the most beautiful, tangible feeling of peace flooded the room. My whole attitude changed from that point on. Whenever Satan would come to me and try to get me to think sad thoughts about the situation, I would realize at once that was what was happening, and I would turn off my mind and turn it to another channel.

As time went on the situation no longer hurt me. I had accepted it. When people would tell me things with the intention of hurting me over that situation, I would laugh to myself. The reason why is because I literally felt no pain over the situation anymore. God had delivered me.

From that point on, the entire racing thoughts going through my mind at night had no more power over me. I realized where they were coming from and why. I begin a different level of my Christian walk with God.

My being “overly-sensitive” was healed too. I no longer took everything personally. I knew where it was coming from. Satan uses empty vessels to pour out hate and anger.

Around that same time a couple of things happened that should have and could have destroyed me. I began to have such a deep level of faith that I gave up attachments to certain outcomes. I began to deeply understand God’s unconditional, and never-failing, love for me. I then realized that no matter WHAT happened, it was God’s will to prepare me for the ministry He had for me. I began to realize that even when, and if, bad things happened He would be with me and even those things would not destroy me because He was with me in a tangible way. I began to walk through supernatural miracles at such a level that it’s hard to explain to another person who has not been there.

It all starts with SURRENDER. It starts when we want the life He has destined for us so badly that we are willing to completely surrender our egos that miracles happen. Our minds are calm, all judgment ceases as to whether things that happen to us are good or bad. They are all apart of this thing we call life.

Our discernment increases when we surrender outcomes to Him.

I have ministered to many people with the wisdom God has imparted to me on this journey.

If you are interested I do donation based Christian counseling. Please take a look at one of my websites and contact me through there. I even do bartering. If your situation is truly dire, and God knows that, I will even counsel you for free. I have found that even a dollar donation makes the counseling more real to you and “invests” into God’s Kingdom. This can be accomplished over the phone. Contact me for information.

In His Never-Ending Love,



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