Walking In Radical Supernatural Miracles Daily


Jesus answered and said to them, Truly I say to you, If you have faith, and doubt not, you shall not only do this which is done to the fig tree, but also if you shall say to this mountain, Be you removed, and be you cast into the sea; it shall be done. Matthew 21:21

Today as I was praying and seeking God about a blog article the subject of supernatural, radical faith kept running through my mind. I believe that someone reading this needs a faith infusion. That is what I have for you, as you read this article, a couple of examples of my FAITH miracles. I walk in faith miracles. You too can walk in faith miracles.

You must empty your mind of “rational” thought about your problems. You must get some faith scriptures that SPEAK to your situation and write them down. Then every day, even several times a day, read those scriptures! Don’t tell anyone what you are believing for. Even some Christians don’t have radical faith. I advise you to keep it between you and God.

If what are praying for doesn’t violate God’s Word there is NOTHING stopping your miracle from materializing. You just have to know that and believe it. Jesus said that those things He did, we too could do. The only thing stopping your miracle is that you don’t really believe it can happen. Well, stop your unbelief. I have had things happen to me that literally blew my mind, and the mind of others that saw them. If you are ready to walk in supernatural miracles, today is your day. Read about a couple of the miracles I have experienced, and get ready to experience your own!

When I got real with God, when I laid down the things I did that were not pleasing to Him and did my best to walk in Him and with Him each day He turned my life around.

When I was single God had spoken to my heart that He would be “as a husband” to me. I begin to take God at His word. Whenever I begin to have financial problems or problems around the house I would literally say to God, “Okay God, you told me to come to you as a husband. What are we going to do about this?” Then, believe it or not, God would work in a supernatural way to bring me a solution.

I had no car, because it had been repossessed, and I was relying on the women I worked with to drive me back and forth to work. It was getting old and bothersome for them, as well as me. I prayed about it and then I just said, “Okay God what do I do?”

I began to feel that God was telling me to rent a vehicle on payday and use it to look for a car. That took more faith then you can imagine as I had terrible credit. But, I obeyed God and rented a car for the weekend. I was led to try up and down “automobile dealership row” in my town. As I drove in front of the Chevrolet dealership I felt God saying, “This is it, go in here, tell the man your problem and he will sale you a car.” Even writing this I can’t believe I had the faith to do that, but I did. The salesmen greeted me by the used cars and I told him I needed a car. I told him my story and surprisingly he did not laugh at me, he said, “Wait, here in the lobby.” The next thing I know another man walked up to me and introduced himself as the sales manager. He invited me into his office. I heard Christian music playing on a radio. He listened to my story and said, “I am a Christian too. I know what you are going through. I went through something very similar with my ex wife.” Then the Red Sea’s of difficulty were opened. I walked out of there with a wonderful used car. I will never believe the look on the security guards face as I drove up to work on Monday. He said, “How did you get a car?” I told him the story and he just shook his head in unbelief. He just knew that car was going to fall apart and I had “been taken for a ride.” He would walk around that car everyday and expect that something would be wrong with it. Nothing ever went wrong with it. God had blessed me with a good used car. I never had a problem with it, and it lasted me for years until I was able to get another car. I sold it to another Christian couple that was also blessed with it. When God does a miracle he does a miracle. When we step out in faith He meets us there and supernaturally things change. It makes no sense to the rational mind but it doesn’t have to. It’s between us and God. We do our part when we believe and God then does His part by honoring that faith walk.

Another time the washing machine in the little house I was renting back then quit washing right in the middle of a load of wash. I knew that my landlord would fix it the next day, but it was late in the evening, and I needed those clothes to wear to work the next day. I said, “God, you are my husband. A husband would know what to do to fix this thing,” I then went and laid my hands on that machine, started praying in tongues and by golly that machine started and I never had another problem with it the whole time I lived there.

Lift you head, get up and lift your hands to God and believe for your miracle. The ones above come from a little book I am in the process of writing, and believe me when I tell you that I have had so many miracles that my faith in God’s ability to do them never wavers. I pray that you too will get the miracle you need. Please write me when you do and let me know!

In His Miraculous Love,





Get The Negative People Out Of Your Life and Experience Miracles


” and because of their unbelief he could do very few miracles among them” Mark 6:5-6
Even Jesus had a hard time with healing and miracles in his own home town. Why was that? The Word tells us it was because of “their lack of faith.”

What does that mean, in practical terms, for our own lives? It means that as much as possible we need to avoid people who are negative. That includes those who constantly talk about their own problems and yet never bother to ask you how you are doing.

If you constantly spend time around those who see the glass “half-empty,” you too will lose your faith in it, instead, being half-full. You will begin to say things like, ” so and so is right, my life is awful and nothing is going to change it, I might as well give up and face the facts!”

If we really want our lives to change for the better we may have to cut negative people out of our lives. Sometimes that means moving away from them and changing our physical environment.

Unfortunately there are times when we are not able to physically get space from these people. Financial or family circumstances may keep us stuck somewhere we had rather not really be.

I have learned through my own life experience that arguing with people like that gets us nowhere. Telling people like that to stop being so negative often doesn’t work either. So what can a person stuck with a negative environment do?

My advise would be to spend as much time as possible with other positive thinkers. That might mean you need to find some groups to join where people, that are miracle believers and believe that anything is indeed possible, congregate together. Church groups, exercise groups, walking groups or whatever group of people you have things in common with. You very seldom find groups filled with people who aren’t interested in meeting others and changing their lives for the better.

Don’t argue with the non- believing, negative, person in your life. It’s frustrating and unproductive. Most of them never change. Don’t spend time with them thinking you can change them. You cannot and it will simply bring you down. When negativity starts coming out of their mouths simply smile and move to another room. Refuse to argue. Negativity is often a way a person has learned to get attention from those who love to try and “fix” other people.

In the bible we are told “do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers, because what do the children of darkness have in common with the children of the light.”

That isn’t just good advise for Christians. They say opposites attract. Yes they do, initially, but after that wears off you will find yourself on a perpetual battle field. Run from those situations like you were on fire.

If you want to live a miraculous, possibility filled, life you need to surround yourself with others who feel the same way.

In His Unconditional Love,