Lessons From Nature: “The Bunnies”


“Now then, stand still and see this great thing the LORD is about to do before your eyes!” 1Samuel 12:16

Living in the country, in Northern New Mexico, has given me a wonderful look at the many messages God gives us in nature, if we will only take time to be still.

It is the time of year when bunnies are prolific on the property we rent. Our dogs love to look for the bunnies each morning through the sliding glass doors. This morning there were so many bunnies the dogs did not know where to look first!

Finally, two small bunnies were within a couple of feet of the dogs on the other side of the glass doors. The dogs began to go berserk. They wanted to go outside to get those rabbits.

As I watched the entertainment God began to speak to my heart the following;

“Cathie look closely at the two bunnies. One, sensing danger is near, is panicking and running in circles. The other bunny, faced with the same circumstance, is staying perfectly still.

The same is true of my people. When faced with trouble, and tribulations, some of my children run around aimlessly wringing their hands and panicking. Others of my children, when faced with the same upsetting situations, sit very still. The still one are the ones who have learned to trust Me, regardless of the turmoil churning around them. They trust that no matter what happens and no matter how bad the situation appears, I stand in the midst of my children and I turn each situation around and bring GOOD out of it.

Be like the still bunny. In the midst of the worst possible human circumstances BE STILL and know that I AM GOD!”

Today, child of God, you may have problems surrounding you that seem impossible to handle. You may feel, in the natural, like running around in a panic. Instead you can CHOOSE to remain still. Do not look at the circumstances; keep your eyes fixed on HIM.

Though you cannot see Him, with your natural eyes, God and His Holy Angels are with you. You will not fail!!!

In His Never Ending Love,





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