Free Will And Blaming Others For Our Troubles


Oh, that you had listened to my laws! Then you would have had peace flowing like a gentle river, and great waves of righteousness. Isaiah 48:18

I have been on my journey with the Lord since 1976. I was so often rebellious during those early years. Truth be known I am still a bit of a rebel, but life has taught me to never stray very far from my heavenly Father, when I do so it almost always turns out bad!

For years I was so good at blaming whomever I could for my mistakes. I would often think, “If it wasn’t for so and so I wouldn’t have gone down that wrong path!”

As I found myself repeating patterns in situations, that turned out badly, I begin to pray for answers. Be careful when you pray for answers, because when you really want change God will be blunt in showing you truths. Like a loving parent He stands back, lets us make our own mistakes and then when we have had enough, and run to Him, He gently gathers us in His arms and guides us to truth.

The truth is that most of the messes we get into cannot be blamed on other people. We have free will. People can suggest things, but in the end if we go along with something that we know is not the will of God, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

To a great extent we create our own future, good or bad. God gives us free will because He doesn’t want robots. He wants men and women who desire to do things His way, because they love Him so much they want to please Him. During those weak moments when we know the way God probably wants us to go, and then we rebel and go the opposite way, God picks us up and restores us, like any loving parent.

When we are walking with God I believe we get little “holy spirit” nudges. We may know that we shouldn’t do something because we are playing with fire, then the Holy Spirit speaks to our hearts, “Oh, everyone else is doing it, God won’t mind.” Those thoughts are not original. In the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve had it all. Beautiful, peaceful surroundings and everything they wanted and needed. They had one rule to just not eat of the fruit of that one tree. Wouldn’t you know it that Eve’s curiosity got the best of her, and at a weak moment Satan whispered to her, “God won’t mind, go ahead and taste the apple!” So Eve tasted that apple even though God had specifically told them not to do so, and then she got Adam to taste the apple. Some people say, “Eve caused Adam to sin,” to that I say bologna. He had received the same Word from the Lord that Eve had. He could of said, “No, Eve God told us not to do that!” Instead of doing the right thing, he made a conscious decision from his own free will to eat the apple also.

God allows people to exercise their free will, but at a point He says, “Enough!” and then it’s all over for the sinner. God is long suffering. If you remember God sent Jonah to Nineveh to warn the people that His patient was wearing thin with them. He told Jonah to basically tell the people to come back to God. Jonah couldn’t take much more of the sin he saw going on within Nineveh and he thought God should strike them all dead. So Jonah runs from the Lord, and that ends up badly when he finds himself in the belly of a whale. He finally consents to doing things God’s way and he is spit out on the shores of Nineveh and proceed to tell the people what God wants him to tell them. Much to Jonah’s surprise the people turned around and came back to God.

God is in total control of our lives, but sometimes He leaves us in the belly of the whale until we ourselves decide to do it His way.

There are two paths in life, one leads to spiritual death and the other leads to spiritual life. Our daily choices determine which path we are walking on. It’s not anyone else’s fault. It’s all about our choices.

In His Unconditional Love,



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