Holy Spirit Whispers For Spring And Summer 2015


“In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.” Acts 2:17

Recently I was looking at a picture of a frozen wave. I found it fascinating and as I was staring at it the Spirit of the Lord came over me and spoke the following words to my spirit:

“The frozen wave represents what is happening in the lives of many of my people. The problems that they are enduring are washing up all around them, and they are growing weary of praying each day and they are wondering where I am. They are hanging on by a thread. They see me, they know me, but the blessings they need are being frozen at this minute and they don’t know how much longer they can endure.

This month, as spring comes, my people are going to have a deluge of blessings as things begin to heat up and the frozen wave suddenly begins to melt. It will start slowly and then in an instant, fresh blessings will begin to flow.

Some still have situations that they have considered as “bones with no flesh” upon them. These people will look and be amazed at the see the dry bones situations come alive.

Some believe that they are without hope. They need a miracle to get to where they feel I have called them. They think, “Without a miracle, this dream will not come to past. I am stuck!” In the next few months I am moving people to where they need to be in the natural as things in the world began to heat up. I have delayed things in order to prepare hearts to be where they need to be for ME. I often hold back my blessings, as with the frozen wave, you can see them, and you can almost taste them and yet conditions are not melting and moving forward. During those times, I am testing hearts. Will these beloved children of mine stay close to me even if I without blessings for a while? Some stay true and even have said in their hearts, “Yet though he slay me, still will I praise Him.” Others have waxed cold and say, “There is no God. He is not answering me. I refuse to pray, I am giving up!”

I reward the faith of those who have the least, and yet still praise my name! The days ahead will not be easy and I have tested my troops to see who is strong enough to not only withstand the storm, but also prosper in the midst of it.

Already you are noticing extreme persecution. Right is wrong, and wrong is right. If you speak up you are called, “Stupid, and ignorant!” These times are only for the strong, those who care more for me, then themselves. These times are for those who are willing to lay down their desire for their toys, and their will and to crucify those things on the cross, to be my beloved and well-cared for child! As they lay these things down My heart is touched and I will give them double back for those things they let go of in My name.

Prepare yourself to see fires, and more fires. The stench of smoke will hang over the land. In an instant things will change for many people this spring and summer. Prepare a bag with things inside that you will need if you must leave your home expectantly.

Burnt lands will flood, and more natural disasters are ahead. When you see these things remember that I am in control, and those who have MY name will prosper in these things, as supernaturally I provide people and the things that they need easily and without effort.

As the wave thaws, blessings will be washed upon my people but these things cannot be hoarded they must be given to help others too. I provide for people who provide for others. Give with an open hand, and I will open my hands to you. The more you give, the more you will have to give. When you see someone in need, if you can meet the need, do not keep from doing so!

Expect the unexpected this spring and summer. But never forget hat I AM in control. Nothing, no earth change, takes me by surprise. With my Word and Breath I set the World into being, and I do not change!

In the moment you think not, it shall happen. In the way you think not, it shall be. And in the way you think it should be…it shall not. Look closely at the picture of the life you desire and then see you stepping into it. Smell the scents of the earth, feel the wind upon your face at that place. Allow yourself to take My Hand and walk you through it. All things are possible to those who believe. Step in my picture until you are living it.”

I love you!

Given through His Spirit in His unconditional love,




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