Quit Pushing On Closed Doors


Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, and give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
Thessalonians 5:16-19

When we understand who we are in the Kingdom of God, then all things become more peaceful. We can rest that our lives are going exactly as God has planned and nothing could be more perfect then God’s will for our life.

We determine that we want something to go a certain way, or we decide we have to have this or the other, and if it isn’t happening we drive ourselves crazy trying to force the issue.

It’s especially true when we are absolutely sure that we are in love with someone and that we must have that certain someone to make ourselves happy.

It took me way too long to understand that if someone leaves your life then he or she is not supposed to be in it for the long run. You can scheme and manipulate and come up with all kinds of reason to get that person back in your life and maybe they will reach a low moment and maybe they will come running back to you. Then they will eventually leave again, because they were not to be in your life for the perfect plan God has for you to materialize.

The same could be said for a home, or a car, anything that you really want badly enough to take to God in prayer. I have experienced the house situation a couple of times. In one case it was the first home I had ever owned and I was sick of renting and I wanted to be free of a landlord. I went over to the house and I walked around that house praying and claimed it to be mine. In that case, God intended that to be included in the plan of my life and not only did He give us that house, we made over 10,000 on it in less then a year when we were transferred to a new area and had to move and sell that home. When God is in your plans everything prospers and goes well.

When you want something that is not in God’s plan He will often give it to you evidentially but it will involve some heavy duty lessons of learning, when doors start to shut and problems arise, God who knows best is trying to save His child from heartache.

I have learned through the years to trust my God given discernment. I wanted a certain job, not just wanted it but also needed it because I had been living on unemployment for almost a year. I finally got a call, after pushing the matter by faxing numerous resumes and calling to check on the status of the resumes. On the day of the job interview I went into the building and checked in at the receptionist desk. The interviewer and I got along great, and things were going well. I felt sure that she was going to offer me that job. She took me on a walk to the floor I would be working on. The minute we got off the elevator I felt a cold chill go down my back. God said, “Look, at their faces!” I looked around and no one was smiling. No one looked happy to be there at all. I also noticed a couple of them give the manager, doing the interview, dirty looks behind her back. Something was wrong there, and I sensed it. By the afternoon, of the same day, the manager called back and offered me the job. I turned it down. My family and friends thought I had lost my mind for turning the job down. I held my ground and told them I felt God had warned me against it. Those who didn’t know God shook their heads and looked at me as if I was crazy. Two weeks later I got a call for another job. The interview went well, again I was taken to the unit I would be working in, and the folks there looked like they were having a wonderful day, and enjoying their jobs. I was offered that job, took it and it turned out to pay more then the other job and it was one of the nicest places to work! I actually looked forward to going to work each day!

My point is that once we understand how much God loves us, we can then walk away from any experience triumphantly. If the door shuts, we don’t try and push it open. We let go and we let God direct our paths.

“Our steps are made firm by the Lord, when he delights in our way” Psalm 37:23

Many times I get email from folks that want me to pray for someone who left him or her to come back to him or her. I understand that, and I don’t judge it because I spent years picking out bad relationships and then went they went bad chasing the person, going to fortune tellers trying to find one that would tell me the person would come back, asking for prayers to that end, and driving my friends nuts with my manipulation of circumstances.

When I totally surrendered all to God he spoke to me one day and said the following regarding those “fortune tellers” “You don’t need to know the future, Cathie, God spoke to my heart, you only need to surrender all to ME because whatever happens in the future I will be there and I will guide you through it!”

Stress and anxiety is often a result of not trusting in our higher power and reasoning that we have to handle it all ourselves. If you find yourself going into panic attacks, and don’t understand why, it’s usually because you are fighting the inner voice of God that is trying to get you to go in another direction. Sometimes we don’t trust that voice and we push it down and it comes back up as anxiety.

Real peace comes when we lay it all, all our wants and wishes, at the foot of the cross. God loves us like we love our own children, and not one of us wishes misery on our own flesh and blood. God wants only the best for His children. So we need to release everything to Him and trust Him to keep people and things away from our lives that are not good for our lives!

In His Never Ending Love,




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