Turning On The Light That Dispels The Darkness


Their sentence is based on this fact: that the Light from heaven came into the world, but they loved the darkness more than the Light, for their deeds were evil. John 3:19

If you are anything like me the chances are that prior to surrendering your life to Christ, you thought you were a Christian. Maybe your whole family was a certain denomination and so if someone asked you what religion you were, you told them the denomination that your family most identified with.

But the truth is that relationship and religion are two different things. A lot of us never go any further. We don’t really want to know God’s will because there are areas in our lives we are not willing to deal with yet.

Being born again is the beginning—a baby step in the process. The hard part comes each subsequent day as we submit our stubborn heart and will to the control of God’s Spirit.

We might be ready to pray for God’s will in some area’s but not in others. We might feel uncomfortable having God’s light shine into the areas, of our lives, that are covered in shame of some sort or the other.

When we are sitting in a completely dark room we cannot see anything. Then if we light a candle we see things in dim light and shadows. When we turn the lights on brightly we can see everything.

In my experience in counseling, and ministering to people you usually find them in three states of relationship with Christ. They are baked, half-baked or raw. We have to remember, that if we start in on judgment statements, we may chase them away from the love of Christ.

It’s often frustrating when we come into a full relationship with Christ, knowing Him intimately like our best friend, when we have to deal with some Christians that are not at the same level of belief.

What God has shown me is to simply be me. He has shown me to not be afraid of letting people know that God is number one in my life.

Often the hardest thing is knowing how to deal with people in all stages of belief. If we aren’t careful we can get really judgmental and hit people over the head with what we know is going on in their lives and how we know that it doesn’t line up with the will of God.

God had to work with me a lot on the judgment part. It would be so frustrating to be working with someone who was still steeped in some heavy-duty sin and yet at the same time the person would be praising the Lord publically. God had to finally let me know that I am not the judge of people. Yes, the bible tells us to run from sin, however, if we ran from all sinners no one would ever be saved and come into the fullness of the Kingdom of God.

It’s best to simply bring the person to God in our prayer time, and then symbolically release them into the open arms of God.

As long as we are dealing with someone with a lot of unconfessed sin in his or her lives we must realize that a vessel is either empty, or filled with the Holy Spirit of God. Empty vessels are easy targets for the devil to work through to upset the peace of mind of a Christian. That’s why I think it’s best to spend as little time around these people as is humanly possible. We don’t need to be rude, but we have to be choosy about who we “let in” to our lives and our homes.

Darkness is great when we are trying to hide something, but light is needed when we are trying to walk without falling. When we were hiding our shameful behavior, and possibly holding on to one addiction or the other, the darkness was our friend. Now that we are trying to walk forward with Christ we need the light to keep us from stumbling.

We don’t have to be afraid of standing, and staying, in God’s Light anymore since we have his forgiveness through Christ. God wants to safely guide us on the right path.

If you remember the disciples were surprised to find Jesus speaking with the woman at the well: She was a Samaritan (half Jewish and half Gentile), she was a woman, and she had a questionable past. Any one of these things would have disqualified her from speaking with a “righteous” Jewish man.

Jesus broke down the traditional barriers by accepting her as she was and giving her a fresh start in life.   Jesus demonstrated God’s love for all who have been rejected, condemned, or shunned, which should encourage us. No matter what we have done, God offers us his unconditional acceptance in Jesus. With His powerful help no one, who really wants help need stay in the darkness.

In His Unconditional Love,



God has directed me to start doing Christian Spiritual Counseling again. If you would like to find out about a telephone counseling session let me know. You can contact me through my Website. I also do Christian Life Coaching. I recently finished my certification in several areas and there are some exciting things that God is doing to walk people free of their love addiction behavior.

I specialize in the area’s of love addiction, domestic abuse and PTSD.



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