Teaching On Gratitude And The Loss Of Relationships


Delight yourself also in the LORD: and he shall give you the desires of your heart. Psalms 37:4

When God started teaching me about being grateful, and staying in an attitude of gratefulness, I was going through a time in my life when it would seem that I had very little to be grateful for.

While praying one morning I was surprised to have the Lord speak to my heart, “Why would I give you one more thing when you do not seem grateful for the things you have.”

I was tempted to think, “You have to be kidding Lord. You see my problems what is there to be grateful for right now?”

But God told me to start watching the words that come out of my mouth and to start expressing gratitude for everything. Gratitude for a roof over my head, many people do not have that. Gratitude for waking up in the morning, a lot of people didn’t. Gratitude for the food I had to eat at the time, even if it wasn’t exactly what I wanted.

After that time my mind became attuned to every word that came out of my mouth. I was surprised to realize I had a fairly negative attitude.

So I made, at the request of God, a conscious attitude change. If I said something negative I would immediately hold that thought captive and get rid of it by replacing it with something positive.

In three years everything in my life changed. My whole attitude changed. I still had problems, who doesn’t, but they did not bother me as much as they had before.

I look back on my life today and I realize how much time I wasted with a negative attitude and feeling sorry for myself. Those are years that I cannot get back. So now I teach lessons on how to recognize a bad attitude of the heart and how much God wants to change that attitude and, as we do that, God comes in and blesses that attitudes and blesses our lives.

It’s important to surround yourself with people with good attitudes. I now run like the wind from people who are negative, people who repeat their negative stories, and people who dwell on some unhappy event in the past. My attitude is this; unless you are paying me to counsel you I don’t want to hear your problems on a regular basis.

The major thing that keeps us stuck, after our attitude, is dwelling on the unhappy things that happened in our past.

Here’s a newsflash, that situation is gone and nothing can change the past. We aren’t going there so we don’t need to let the past dictate our attitudes.

One of the main things people complain to me about is failed relationships. A man wrote me recently with the story of losing the woman he thought was the only woman in the world who could make him happy. He wanted that woman back in his life and was willing to do anything to get her to change her mind about him.

Let’s cut to the chase. If we are trusting God, and remaining in a good attitude of thankfulness, then ANYONE He takes out of our life is not supposed to be there. Period.

Don’t let yourself get negative and miserable over the loss of a relationship. You either trust God with your life or you do not. You either believe that God loves you and wants the best for you or you do not.

God has a plan for our lives and anyone who doesn’t have a part in that plan is not going to be a part of it. Allow yourself to believe that when the right person comes to your life you will be so grateful that you will then understand why God took the wrong person out of your life.

I wasted so much time being unhappy regarding failing relationships, prior to God changing my attitude.

Anyone we put before Christ is an idol. That can even be a child. God tested Abraham on that one when He told Abraham to take his child up to the top of the mountain and sacrifice him to God. Can you imagine how Abraham felt, holding the hand of his son whom he had prayed for, taking this son to the mountaintop to die. Of course, God didn’t require Isaac of Abraham in the end. It was a test to see just how much Abraham trusted God and to see if his love for Isaac was greater then his love of God.

Right now, stop what you are doing and show gratitude to God for anyone He has taken out of your life! He loves you too much to have your life messed up, and your place in the body of Christ, to let the wrong person stay there.

Start out by praising God for the little things, and you will gradually have bigger and better things to show gratitude for.

Some will say to me, “What about death?” “Why did God take my loved one from me when I prayed for healing of this person?” This is one that took me years of sitting at the feet of the cross to understand. Finally one day, during prayer regarding this, God said, “ The death of a Christian is the ultimate healing!” I said, “What do you mean Lord,” He then said, “The most wonderful place to be is with me in heaven. Some people get to go there sooner then others. Death of your love one is hard for you, because you miss their physical presence in your own life. If you can change your way of thinking of death, you will understand it’s actually the greatest healing anyone can receive!”

So now I am content when God decides to do the total healing by taking someone I love to heaven. I am then able to show gratitude even in the midst of grief.

I took so long to understand, really understand, the total love of God and how His will is so very perfect in the lives of His Beloved children.

I love to minister to people so that they can learn these things, and thrive in life, a lot earlier then I did.

No matter what’s going on today thank HIM. He loves His children and wants only the best for them.

In His Unconditional Love,





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