Spiritual Counseling And The Gift Of Discernment


“To another the working of miracles, to another prophesy, to another discerning of spirits, to another different kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues”

1 Corinthians 12:10

What is discernment? The Webster’s dictionary defines it as “the quality of being able to gasp and comprehend what is obscure.

The gift of discernment is the special ability that God has given to certain believers to distinguish between truth and error, and to know with certainty whether a person is behaving and speaking in the flesh, from God, or if a demon is speaking through the person.

Often the gift operates hand in hand with the gift of prophecy. That is being able to know what the Lord has planned for a person, or group of people.

Both gifts can be a great tool in counseling a person who is in need of a word from the Lord regarding their situation.

For every gift in the body of Christ, unfortunately, there is a counter gift. When we see someone who has the gift, but is not using it for the good of the body of Christ, we call them psychics or intuitives.

The biblical basis for discernment can be found in 1 Corinthians 12:10. “To another the working of miracles, to another prophesy, to another discerning of spirits, to another different kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues”

When I counsel with someone the gift, or sometimes the gifts, manifests itself to help the individual I am counseling with at the time.

One example is being able to discern what’s really going on in the person’s life and how God wants to bring that to the surface. Once we are able to recognize the source of the behavior we can then give it to God and release it.

One time I was working with a woman, who I knew only casually. She wanted counseling and so at an appointed time we met. I asked her a few basis questions about what was going on in her life. Then, as I always do, I began to pray and have her agree with me that God would reveal the root of her problem. Immediately after we finished praying I “saw” in the Spirit a woman jumping up and down behind the woman. I tried to ignore it at first, thinking perhaps it was demonic interference. It continued and then I heard the woman say “Tell her I am sorry, tell her I am sorry, over and over again.” Finally I said to the woman, “There is a woman standing in back of you telling me over and over to tell you she is sorry.” The woman’s eyes got big and then she began to sob. I began to pray, “God what is this all about?” I went to her and hugged her. I finally was able to ask her “What is wrong, I am so sorry if I upset you.” She lifted her head and said to me the following “When I was 13 years old my mother killed herself right in front of my two younger brothers and me. I was thrust into a world of helping raise them, and I never had much of a life afterwards until I left for college. I have wondered often how my mother could have been so selfish, how could she do such a thing. I wondered if she would be sorry for having done that. Now I know, I know that she was sorry. I can let it go now.” This woman was a professional, a physical therapist. She never had shown much emotion and never talked about her personal life. I had no idea of what went on in her childhood and she knew it. It was God, simply using me as a vessel to bring healing to this woman. She had a breakthrough. That’s is just simply one example of God showing up during a counseling session.

I don’t believe that any of the gifts can be turned off and on at will. The Holy Spirit is a gentleman, quietly and peacefully showing up at the appointed time to help His children.

Sometimes folks think I can tell everything about them. It’s not true. God only uses me as a breakthrough for each individual’s growth.

When it comes to my own life I am mostly clueless. I prayed about that many times and finally God spoke to my heart that it is for my own good. If I knew everything that was going to happen in my life I might avoid some much-needed lessons.

Everyone has a gift. EVERYONE. If you want to know what yours is, God will show you. Fast and pray, in earnest, until you are shown what it is God wants you to do for the body.

If you have something holding you back, some mistake you keep making over and over, consider a SPIRITUAL counseling session with me or someone else with the gift of discernment, visions and prophecy. Once you discover the root cause of your dysfunction you can move forward to peace, joy and happiness with God.

In His Unconditional Love,







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