Black Bird Bye Bye


Sorry, in advance for the length of this blog, but there was no other way to tell the story!

I was shocked yesterday to realize it’s been over a week since I last blogged. There is a reason for that. I have been praying for a way to explain the New Year’s 2015 message I got from the Lord this year.

If you have been reading my blog for a few years, and some of my followers have been, then you know that at the end of every year I sit down in my prayer chair and I begin to pray and seek the Lord regarding the following year.

God’s message to me this year didn’t happen that way. In fact, it was such a miracle that He shared it with another person so that there would be no question of it’s being real.

This year God gave me a tangible vision, which He shared with my husband Chuck at the same time. I have been a person who believes in sign and wonders since the early 80’s when I first received a messenger from God in my living room. The splendor of that vision stayed with me for a week or more. I say this to say that I am open to God working in signs and miracles. My husband, with a doctorate in Old Testament studies, is a different story entirely.

God has a sense of humor, and sometimes the things He does leave us wondering what He is doing. I have, however, walked with Him long enough to know that His ways are perfect. His timing is perfect and He has a plan for our lives and if we allow Him to take the reigns He will walk us into it.

A little background on my marriage: I have been cleaning out my archives on here but if you go to my website you can read about my journey and how God brought me my perfect mate. Not when I thought I was ready, but when God KNEW I was ready.

I played around with God for years after I accepted Him into my heart 38 years ago. God was always with me, but I was willful and took Him along into one mess after the other. The messes got so bad that I finally decided to do things His way and I then totally surrendered to Him and began to really KNOW Him. He became first in my life and finally He could work with me.

After five years of sitting at His feet I began to pray for a Christian husband. I had been told by God that I must now stay celibate until I was married to the guy he was going to send. That fact alone chased most of my suitors off, and a lot of them were Christians.

It seemed to me that God was slow. During this time I made a list of everything I wanted in a Christian man. I kept it in my bible, I looked at it every day and I determined not to waiver in what I wanted. I wanted a man who studied the bible, who prayed daily, who was a giver, and who was sold out for Jesus and a Messianic believer as I am. I also wanted him to be tall, have a decent job, and a beard. Go figure?

One day I was going through a drive up at Taco Bell at lunchtime. I was waiting when I heard the voice of the Lord tell me to take every bit of money I had in my purse, after I paid for my food, and give it to the lady at the window. Like I often do I started reasoning with the Lord. I said to Him, “God you have to be kidding. I just paid all my bills and it’s two weeks until payday!” God repeated what He wanted me to do. My life lessons had taught me that I better obey Him. I got to the window and after I had paid for my burrito I took the rest of the money in my purse, and gave it to the women telling her, “The Lord spoke to my heart to give you this.” She broke down in tears and told me that her child was ill and she was working two jobs and she needed money for utilities desperately. That’s how God can work if you are open to it.

Driving off I half-heartedly said to the Lord, “Okay God, I am naming that seed “A Christian husband.” God gives seed to the sower, and there is nothing wrong with naming your seed. No farmer goes out to plant a field without knowing exactly what he wants to grow in that field.

A week later at a conference of Christian and Jews I met my husband. I didn’t even like him at first. He lived in Denver at the time and I lived in Albuquerque. He took my number and asked if he could call me. I said “yes.” We talked for sometime and at a point He said, “I would like to come visit you for a weekend.” I told him, “That’s fine but I will not have sex with you. God has told me to stay celibate until marriage.” I thought, like most that would drive him off. Instead, he said, “God has told me the same thing, no problem.” He came to visit and we spent the whole weekend in my living room doing a bible study. The rest is history and that was in October and by the end of that December we got married. I never questioned the “quickness” of it, because I knew it was God’s will. There was a peace that settled over me the first time I saw Chuck.

God did not bring us together because we were alike. He brought us together to complete each other. Chuck knows the Word. He is totally sold out for Jesus because of it and he can even tell you the bloodline of Mary and why God chose her to be the mother of Yeshua. I, on the other hand, was weak on the Word. I knew all the faith scriptures and I had an intimate relationship with Jesus. I am touchy feely and Chuck was not at the time. I am good at encouraging people and Chuck was not. Over the years we have been married the good points of the other have worn off on us. Now, we walk together in unity. That is not to say we don’t disagree occasionally, but when you consider that we are together pretty much 24-7 I think we get along great. God knows what He is doing.

I said all the above to let you know that over the years Chuck has come to see the miracles I walk in and now he is not surprised to see how God works with me. God now works with us both in signs and wonders.

I was wondering why during prayer God was not giving me a yearly message. I have learned to “lean on the Lord with all my heart and not my own understanding.” Still, I was wondering what the deal was.

I was underneath the sink trying to fix a clog. It was New Years Day. January 1, 2015. A day that will live in my mind forever.

As I am known to do, during the day, I started praising God. Suddenly I looked up and in the little atrium outside of the kitchen window, I saw blackbirds of some sort coming to the tree there, the top of the flat roof on the back part of the house, where I pray often and seek Gods’ will, was visible from that window.

I saw what had to be, at that moment, 500 hundred black birds back there. I had never seen anything else like it in the four years I have lived here. Yes, we get black birds occasionally, but nothing like this. I called Chuck from his office. “Come here, you have to see this!” He came to the window and said, “What’s going on?” I said, “Look at all these black birds, what kind are they?” “I’m not sure,” he said. Then my skeptical, prior IT project manager, who needs an explanation for most things before he see’s it as a SIGN, said, “I have never seen anything like this in my life, it’s like the movie “The Birds!”

As we continued to look more blackbirds came. We later thought there must have been a thousand of them. There was so many that they were making so much noise, by chattering and flapping of wings, that all three of our dogs started barking. Neither Chuck nor I said a word. We were too shocked by what we saw and heard. All of a sudden the birds appeared to see something. They quickly began to move away from the house. This house is on over two acres. We watched as the black birds started to fly towards the house of another neighbor. They stopped at a group of trees between our house and the other persons and then immediately we saw and heard them all leave and go to that property. Then it was like they simply disappeared. We could no longer see even one blackbird.

We were standing there, not speaking, as we tried to figure out what just happened. There is a wooden birdhouse outside of the kitchen window. All of a sudden we saw one of the doves that lives on the property come and sit on the top of that house. As you know this blog is called, “Wisdom of the Cooing Dove” as God has used these Doves to minister to me of His comfort in the form of the Holy Spirit so many times! Not only here but also when we lived in Salida Colorado and truthfully all of my Christian life.

This Dove was huge. Her belly was so large it made me wonder how she could fly. I said to Chuck, “Look at that huge Dove, have you ever seen anything like it?” He said, “No, I have not!” Then out of the blue another Dove, just as fat as the first one, came and sat on the adobe wall.”

I knew that God was giving us a message. So did skeptical Chuck. Before I could take a next breath God gave me an interpretation of what we had just seen.

The spirit of the Lord came upon me and said the following; “Those black birds represent the hoards of demons that have been unleashed upon my people. One thing after the other, one problem after the other, one heartbreak after the other, it’s often seemed like none of you could “catch your breath,” before more things were assailing you from right and left.

They have been sent in great numbers, but just as you saw what was going on and became frightened so my people look around themselves at things coming on the earth and have been frightened. They trust in me, but they don’t understand. Satan, the God of this world, has unleashed many things, many situations against my believers all over the world. My people have literally been slaughtered in front of your eyes. These believers that stood true to me to the end will have a great reward.

You must listen closely and understand my Words. Things again will seem to be falling apart; the black hoards of demons may ascend as never seen before. But the “fat doves represent my people In the midst of situations my people are going to “be fat.”

I am bringing together my army, people from all over this world, will be brought together in miraculous ways. As I did when pharaoh oppressed my people, I intend to do now. I will NO LONGER stand for my children to be oppressed by those with an agenda that does not include ME.

GET READY! GET READY! You will see miracles on the level of the Red Sea miracle opening before your very eyes. You will also see the oppressors of my people start to become the oppressed.

When people come into your presence your discernment will let you know immediately what side of the battle they belong to. I will make it so clear that even unbelievers will see the evil and know that something is not right. Every time you feel surrounded by the evil, remember the fat doves.

I Am in charge! My anger has been stirred like never before.

My people are the fat doves, safe and secure in my hands, when everything else is falling apart around them.

I am not promising “easy times” as My Word says, “He that endures to the end, will be saved.” If you stay in me and abide in me I will work miracles in and around you. Miracles will usher in My second coming.

I am separating the wheat from the chaff; those whose only interest in me is to amass wealth for themselves have broken my heart. Those who have ministered to my people regardless of what the price will have a special seat at the Marriage Feast. Every day you are to be about MY BUSINESS. As you take care of my business I will take care of yours.

I am chasing away the black birds from my people, and instead you will see those who have remained faithful, fat as the two doves. Two chased away a thousand because of My spirit resting upon them!”

Thus sayeth the Lord!

In His Unconditional Love,


If God gives you any insight into the blackbird and dove situation please send it to me, and I will share it with the others with your permission.

I found it interesting, yesterday, that those who assassinated the people in Paris, were dressed ALL IN BLACK.


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