Why Hard Situations And People Are In Your Life


“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28



“If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that?” Matthew 5:46


Our “enemies” are not about them, but they are about us. It’s not demons sent from Satan to bother us, hurt us and disrupt our peace of mind, but God using those things that are bothersome to work something out in us. Something ugly that needs to be routed out and tossed away.

Years ago I was at a Christian women’s conference. One of the speakers there spoke about how she learned a valuable lesson regarding God’s expectations of Christians when people are very cruel and not at all kind to them.

The woman touched my heartstrings when she told the story of her father dying, unexpectantly, without leaving her mother any insurance and not a dime. Two weeks after he died the rent was due. Her mother, who wasn’t working, was visited by her landlord who demanded to know where his rent was. Her mother told the man that her husband had died and she didn’t have the rent money and that she was trying to find a job and would make it up to him if he could be patient. Instead the man cursed at her and gave her 30 days to get out of the home. When her mother didn’t find a job, true to his word, the landlord had the police evict her family.

The situation was very traumatic for her family. They were thrust out on the streets and slept in their car for quite a while until housing became available for them. For years the speaker at the conference, held a grudge against the man. Whenever she would see him in town she would spit on the ground and curse him.

She came to know the Lord as a young adult. She was convinced that she needed to forgive the man, but the hurt was too deep. She, in fact, prayed for God to “get the man!”

One day in prayer God spoke to her heart. “You need to pray for this man, pray that I will have mercy on his soul. You have no idea the punishment that awaits those who hurt my children needlessly.” So she began to pray for the man. It was, at first, hard to do. As she continued on praying daily for God to have mercy on this man, an interesting thing happened. She felt her heart growing softer and the bitterness easing away. Then she was finally able to release the hate and move on.

God has taught me that people who come into my life that are hard to deal with and cause me grief and aggravation are put into my life for a reason. The reason is to work out things in ME that need to come into line with the will of the Father.

When we come to Christ we are like fish. We have been caught but now we need to be cleaned. Over the years in our walk with Christ we will have situations come into our lives that are troublesome and even hurtful. Once we began to see these people and situations as much needed lessons, we move forward from them very quickly.

I have learned to ask God, “What is it you are trying to teach me in this situation?” It may be patience, it may be unconditional love, it may be to help me in being less judgmental, or it may be to teach me strength.

Look at your life today, Beloved of God, what ever is giving you a hard time is there for a reason.

People often say, “If God loves me, why is He letting this happen to me?”

The truth is that God loves us so much, too much, to not set about to buff us and polish us up. When people look at us He wants them to see Him. He wants them to see the attributes of unconditional love operating in our lives.

Whoever is a problem person in your life is there for you to learn how to turn them around with love, patience and understanding. Quit praying for God to bring hellfire down upon them, and pray instead for God to have mercy upon them on judgment day.

The way you are interacting with them today is not working. React in love and mountains can be moved in your life!

In His Unconditional Love,






2 thoughts on “Why Hard Situations And People Are In Your Life

    • Thank you for the kind comments! I had a boss like that once. It’s really hard because work is stressful enough, sometimes, without having the added pressure of having to walk on eggshells with your boss! I have found that hurting people hurt other people. The boss probably has little power in their personal situation and so he or she tries to get it at work by being a tyrant! Have a great day Emily!!!

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