In Just A Little While Everything Will Make Sense


Moses answered the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the LORD will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again. The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Exodus 14:13

I have experienced a couple of weeks that were, in the natural, not to be believed. I knew that each and every attack was coming from the evil one. But the attacks came really fast, one right after the other, with little time left to breathe.

Taking it to the Lord, I began to question Him about what in the world was going on? Why the intensity, why the feelings of losing my covering?

During this same time I received email and heard from people who told me that they were at the point of giving up. They said that they prayed and yet it seemed to them that their prayers were falling on deaf ears. They took their Christian inventory, as if something they had done was making God angry, and most of them said that, although they are not perfect, they were desperately trying daily to live for the Lord.

I started to lose my joy with life, and I felt that I had been abused, used, backstabbed and hurt in ways that I never saw coming. Being in a suit of flesh, even though I know in my heart of hearts that God has me in His hands, I begin to sense a feeling of depression coming over me. When that happened I decided to fight it, I told Satan to leave me and my house, I told him that I knew what he was up to and I would never lose the joy of my salvation no matter how hard he attacked me.

So that night I had a dream that I know was from the Lord. I saw myself and other women in a hospital in the middle of labor. It would seem that our labor was so intense that one pain after the other wracked our bodies and then suddenly, violently, I delivered a baby, and the other women were delivered of their babies also. The scene changed and I saw myself walking between two large angels. They were lifting me up and we miraculously flew out the roof of the hospital and into the heavens. I heard the voice of the Lord saying “She is ready now, and she will come higher and higher with Me.” I felt myself released by the two angels and I was filled with joy like I have never known. One wave after the other of joy, “unspeakable and full of glory” washed over me. I looked down and noticed that everything that had held me back was falling off of me, I looked and saw different scenes from my life, things that had held me back, things that had troubled and hurt me. These things were falling off of me and as each one did I felt lighter, and free in the spirit.

I heard the Lord, and yet I couldn’t see Him. His voice was soft yet soothing, like a loving father comforting His child.

“My children do not understand the things they are going through. They feel as if I have abandoned them and left them on their own to be buffeted by life and demonic spirits. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have seen it all, but I need special people to help my people in the next year. I need people that will be loyal to me and love me to the depth of their being, in spite of me not giving them “things.” I cannot have one-sided relationships with children who only say “What’s in this for me?”

In order to face the last days my people will need to have learned that no matter what happens, the storms of life will never take Me and My presence from them. They must realize that dying completely to self is the only way to find real joy, peace and happiness. They must be willing, like Abraham, to surrender the things that mean the most to them. I asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, but just seeing the willingness of Abraham to surrender his beloved son touched my heart and I did not require Isaac of him.

Some of you have had to surrender home, friends, family, money, food, and all the things so many in the world take for granted.

The birth pangs that many have felt in the past years are coming to a quick end, and in the time soon to come many things are going to change. My children will see horrors all around them, but it will not touch them. They have learned boldness through dying of themselves. All pride has been stripped away and they no longer care what anyone thinks but Me.

Every pain, every tear, every heartbreak has not been in vain. You will soon see that my children will have so much that they will be able to give to others unselfishly. You will see that no matter what they need it will be miraculously supplied for them.

Tell them to hold on for just a while, because their joy will soon return and in the blink of an eye everything is going to change.

I will send people to you, they will be directed to you, and you will be able to meet their needs.

I never wanted my children to suffer but I have to have a people who know that the greatest thing in the world is surrendering it all to me! Some have broken my heart and turned away. They were only willing to serve me when they were happy and had plenty. Everyone’s true motives are being exposed and dealt with.”

I woke up from that dream and I knew that I knew that I needed to encourage others. There is a reason for everything we have been through. But I believe in the New Year, 2015, we will be placed in the positions that God has trained us for. I believe we will be led to others that have been through the things we have experience and because of that realize that God has an army and we are part of that army.

Please don’t give up, beloved!! In just a little while, everything will make sense!

In His Unconditional Love,



2 thoughts on “In Just A Little While Everything Will Make Sense

  1. Wow… just wow. This post gave me chills. I have recently returned to God and I am trying so hard to surrender everything to him. I want to give it up; I know that his way is infinitely better than my way, but it’s hard. My Egyptian is addiction to cigarettes. It’s not just a physical addiction, it’s also an emotional addiction to something tangible I can use as a quick fix to escape the anxiety and depression I face every day. But as I lean more and more on God it becomes easier to quit. I anxiously await the day when my life belongs to him 100% and I can hear his voice as clearly as you do!

    Thank you for sharing this dream. I hold on tight to everything He said to you.

    • I enjoyed your comments. I once counseled a man whose wife left him and two months later his home foreclosed. When he came for counsel it was regarding his cigarette addiction. I told him that with all he had going this might not be the right time to battle that addiction. Listen to the Lord, but always be easy on yourself as He would be with you! Lean on Him, we can’t do anything in our own power, but with HIM nothing..NO THING is impossible. Thank you for commenting, and God BLESS YOU!

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