God Keeps His Promises And He Never Lies


God is not a man, so he does not lie. He is not human, so he does not change his mind. Has he ever spoken and failed to act? Has he ever promised and not carried it through?

Numbers 23:19

When God speaks a word to us regarding something He about to do, or a promise He gives us, we often times mistakenly think that God means He will do it immediately. In the beginning of my walk with the Lord I used to think the same thing and as I have gone forward with The Father I have learned to wait on Him.

First of all God does not lie. As the scripture above says and He also doesn’t change His mind. So what He promises to do, He does. I suggest you write down the scripture at the top of this blog post or print it out. That way when the devil comes to you and tells you that you misunderstood God, or that you didn’t even hear God, you can renew your mind with a Word that says the opposite.

When we plant seeds they do not come up immediately and no matter how much we fuss and watch over them they will only sprout when the times is right.

I have had some promises God gave me materialize before me immediately and others took years and years. God’s timing is perfect and it’s His will that His children do not suffer or do without those things they need.

We often try to do things our way. One good example is when we need financial help. We pray, but in the natural we start to think of ways God could supply our needs. Then one thing leads to another and we might think God needs our help. We then make sure all our friends and family members know of our need so that we can then prick their consciences to help us. I did that in the beginning of my walk with the Lord, and one day the Lord spoke to my heart and said the following, “You don’t give me a chance to help so that you can experience a REAL miracle because you are too busy trying to manipulate things.” I pondered that for a while and realized that really trusting in God meant to keep my mouth shut and then God could work real miracles in my situation. That is exactly what happened. I had a habit of telling my problems to people and God began to tell me to shut my mouth as I was giving a bad Christian witness to people.

It was hard at first but I begin to depend completely on the Lord. God would then do miracles that I am still in awe about. You see our help comes from God and not man!

Psalm 121:2 states the following, “My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.”

Yesterday I was in a chat room of a man that I follow who is a Messianic biblical Code Searcher. The man had seen some things in the codes that he had shared with others. On first glance yesterday it appeared that something he had seen in the codes for yesterday didn’t come to pass. Within an hour it became abundantly clear to those of us in that room that he had not missed the Lord but things were being hidden regarding the comet that came into close distance of Mars yesterday. It was another sign of the times that God has hidden in the biblical codes. At one point a man started calling the man of God names, and acting anything but Christian. Sometimes we get upset, as Children of God, when that happens but if we sign up as a soldier we must know that we are going to get friendly fire. As a matter of fact you often times get more flack from the family of God then unbelievers. But I knew, that I knew, that the man had heard from God, and sure enough within an hour or so others knew that too!

When God tells us something is going to happen, IT WILL HAPPEN. I have a dear friend in Colorado who sells homes for a living. She went through a dry spell and was quite worried about what was going on. God had promised her that her finances would be improving. She was having trouble with selling a home and she finagled around until she talked someone into buying it. The sell turned out to be a mess in the making and in the end it didn’t go to escrow and she was back to square one. I told her that it was time for her to sit back, relax and let God steer her boat. As soon as she learned to let God be in control and quit worrying she not only sold that house but two others soon after.

Often times, when we need a miracle, things get worse before they get better. If you mix oil and water violently it looks like things will never settle down, but in the end the oil goes where it needs to be and everything rights its self.

If God is not moving in your situation it is either that the time is not right or that there is a lesson He needs for you to learn about waiting and depending upon Him. God will wait until things with you and the other person(s) involved are exactly where He wants them to be to benefit you the most.

Worry is not of God. Worry is a tool of the devil. I feel today that some of you reading this are in a state of worry and anxiety. STOP it by getting into prayer and praise and then go do something just for you, even if it’s only a nice bubble bath. Take your mind off of your troubles and place your trust in a God that never lies and sets about to do just what He said He would do!

In God’s Unconditional Love,




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