The Three Reasons We Suffer


Don’t be misled–you cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant. Galatians 6:7

God has been impressing upon my heart to talk a little about suffering and why we go through some of the hard times we go through.

There are three major reasons a Christian goes through hard times.

The first one is if we are saved, born again and blood bought, and we are participating in sin that we know is not in accordance with our new lives in Christ.

The second one happens when we are saved, living for the Lord, and yet reaping some of the bad seeds we sowed prior to being saved and set apart for the Lord.

The third reason is that we are such a threat to Satan that he sows discard into our lives to try and discourage our walks with the Lord and often times tear down the ministry we have in sowing into other’s lives. This is the place where I find so many of our struggles are coming from at this time.

The first one is pretty self-evident. When we turned our lives over to God there were certain things that we needed to give up. These things have no place in the lives of Christians. I say this not in a judgmental spirit, but in a spirit of truth. If we know we are in sin, and our lives are in chaos, we can simply determine today to confess that sin, turn from it completely and walk on assured of God’s forgiveness. God can help us overcome sinful behaviors that we seem powerless to overcome by ourselves.

The second one is not always easy to understand. We may be living for the Lord but some of the things we did prior to being saved are now coming home to cause us misery. Beloved, one of the biblical truths is that we reap what we sow. We will reap the good seeds and the bad seeds we have sown, make no mistake.

Now some of these things include spending money we didn’t have that now causes us to have terrible financial problems, ways we disrespected and hurt our family members who have decided not to forgive and give second chances, and of course some folks have legal problems because of breaking the law while living for themselves instead of God.

These things are not easy to go through, but they are apart of getting our lives back together. When we are truly sorry we can call on God and He will come forth and help us with all the repercussions for our past sins. He will help smooth the way of any son or daughter of His that finds themselves suffering because of their past lives of living unto themselves and not unto Him. If you are going through something now that is directly related to things in your past, accept that you are aware that this is your doing, and determine not to ever indulge in that behavior again. Go forward and God will be with you.

The third reason is something that I find so many of us going through at this moment. Some of the greatest warriors and teachers of Godly knowledge have been under severe physical attacks on their body, finances and relationships with others.

At the beginning of Rosh Hashanah my husband got a letter from the co-op gallery that he sells his art out of telling him that they could no longer show his art there unless he could work a week out of the month there. Since he returned from the hospital he has not been able to work there because of his health and he cannot stand on his feet. They had been letting my husband and several other folks in that position pay a little more instead of working that week. Now they completely cut that off and I had to go to the gallery and pick up his artwork. Being able to sell that artwork was an additional source of money that we needed. Then last Friday the place where I sell my jewelry online, for my little online business, changed their format and pretty much destroyed my shop and those of others in doing so. I am not sure at all how that will turn out but it may explain the fact that I have had no sells in almost a month.

Truly, neither Chuck nor I was surprised. We know, according to bible prophecy, what season we are in and we know that in these last days, last minutes actually, Satan is making a last ditch effort to battle with those of His people that are totally surrendered to God. We are not truly concerned as we know that God has His hand on our lives and no weapon formed against us will prosper.

“Dear friends, don’t be surprised at the fiery trials you are going through, as if something strange were happening to you.” 1 Peter 4:12

If, beloved, you are not listening to Jonathan Cahn’s teachings on this year and next, or Mark Biltz then you really need to take time to do so.

Those teaching are bringing what is going on currently, and how it affects the lives of Christians, into perfect focus. I highly recommended either going to those sites or searching their videos out on YouTube. Be prepared for things happening at a fever pitch for the rest of this year and next.

God has awoken me on two different occasions in the past month with warnings regarding the number 4 in biblical teachings. In my life when I see 4’s it means I will soon hear of deaths on the world scene. The first time was right before the first beheading we heard of. The second time was right before we heard of the man in the U.S with Ebola. I have said before that I believe God warns us of things like this, not because we can do a thing about them, but so that we will know when they do happen that GOD IS IN CONTROL of all circumstances.

If you remember, and if you were reading my blog, towards the end of last year or the first of the year, I reported that God gave me a Word of Knowledge regarding some things that might occur this year. One of them was that a mighty man of God would fall into sexual sin and again another man’s ministry would be brought down because of that. Today I read that the man who ministered through the ministry, “GOD TV” has confessed his sin and stepped down. I was then reminded of that Word Of Knowledge. I pray for this man and know that God can restore him. It’s good he stepped down to let God minister to him.

Basically, brothers and sisters in the Lord, we all need to cling as closely to our Heavenly Father as we can. We need to be prayed up and not let these little annoyances, and those not so little, catch us by surprise. We are in the last time battle for our souls, and the enemy wants to take as many ministries, and people, to hell with him as possible.

The best thing to do is get some Christian fellowship, and hook up with some mighty prayer warriors. If you feel alone please write me, and I will be glad to pray with you. Some of you have already done that, and I count it a blessing and a treasure in my heart, that you feel you can trust me! My email address is

God bless you, and stay strong. This all turns out for our good in the end! One day soon He will return and we will say; “Behold He Comes!” In the meantime He has told us to occupy and He will give us the ways and means to do so!

In His Unconditional Love,



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